Product Details

Model NO. ZQ-TP10
Condensers Dimension Dn630mm*3550mm*10mmthickness
Smoke Scrubbers Dn1000mm*3550mm*10mmthickness
Installation Model Modular Installation
Cooling Method Recycling Water
Special Requirement Customizable
Reactor Thickness 18mm
Transport Package by Foam
Specification 2.6m*7.7m
HS Code 8419409090
Production Capacity 120sets/Year

used plastic recycling to oil machine with ce & iso, sgs in zambia

Product Description

Used plastic Recycling to oil Machine with CE & ISO, SGS

1. THE END PRODUCT AND OUTPUT FIELD FROM Used plastic Recycling to oil MachineUsed Plastic Recycling to Oil Machine with Ce & ISO, SGS
2. Main Parts and function of Used plastic Recycling to oil Machine

Used Plastic Recycling to Oil Machine with Ce & ISO, SGS

3.  PARAMETERS BRIEF INTRODUCTION of Used plastic Recycling to oil Machine

No. ZQ-TP10(Φ2.6*7.7*18mmδ)
1 Reactor Door Big reactor Door
2 Structure Rotation Horizontal
3 Materials tires/rubber/plastics
4 Capacity/Batch about 10MT acrylic
5 working pressure almost atmosphere
6 Installation Power 24KWH
7 Condensers 4 vertical in series
8 Cooling Method Cycling Water
9 Driving Out Gear
10 Heating Direct
11 Foundation With Foundation/with Base 
12 Operation model Intermittent
13 Necessary Labors 3 LABORS per set

4. Feasibility Analysis for your reference of the Used plastic Recycling to oil Machine:
Note: A. This analysis is made with capacity of 10Mt tyres per day per batch.
     B. Please modify relative prices according to your actual market conditions.

2 Raw Materials Waste tyres
3 Cost of tyres 10T*700¥/MT=7000¥
4  Cost of Catalyst 10MT*0.3%*5000¥/MT=150¥
5 Labor (DAILY) 4P*150¥/D/P=600¥
6 Electricity & Water 300¥
7 FUEL COST 0.2MT*3000¥/MT=600¥
8 Other maybe happen 200¥
9 Total Cost 8,850.00¥
10 Oil Income 10MT*40%*3000¥/MT=12,000.00¥
11 Steel Income 10MT*12%*1600¥/MT=1,920.00¥
12 Carbon Income 10MT*35%*260¥/MT=910.00¥
13 Gross Income 14,830.00¥
14 Daily Net Income  14830¥−8850¥=5980.00¥
15 Monthly Net Income 5980¥/Day*25D=149,500,000.00¥
16 Yearly Net Income 149,500.00¥/M*11M=1,644,450.00¥

 5: Unique Features & Advantages of the Used plastic Recycling to oil Machine:(1): Better security. The biggest safety hazard of the pyrolysis plant lies in the possibility of explosion and fire. And the two security risks are all caused by excessive pressure, so how to deal with it? 

Our company adopts the prevention method, that is, we won’t allow the pressure to be too high; the other companies adopts the treatment method after the pressure is higher, that is, when the pressure has been too high, the safety valve installed at the rector door would be driven to be exploded due to high pressure to carry out the pressure for emergency relief. The disadvantage of this method is that even if the pressure leaks out of the reactor, the possibility of fire occurs at the same time with the occurrence probability as high as 90% or more. And the fire will in turn affect the main reactor.

The preventive measures adopted by our company are: to ensure the smoothness of the pyrolysis operation and the pipelines at all times, and to prevent plugging and leaking; if there is no blockage, the pressure will not suddenly rise, and there will be no reactor explosion or fire without pressure!

As well as the emergency relief valves equipped in other locations, the water seal anti-tempering safety device, etc. are conventional configurations and will not be described here.

(2): High oil yield and good oil quality: Other companies often have residual oil tanks or heavy oil tanks, and each batch production will produce 100kg~400KG residual oil or heavy oil. This kind of residue oil is very viscous and very dark in color, cannot be sold directly or sold at very low prices. If you mix this residue oil with good quality fuel oil, it will lower the quality of the oil and lower the price. If you throw away it is kind of waste and will pollute the environment. If it is extracted and put into the pyrolysis reactor again for cracking, it will waste labor and the process is dirty.

The anti-blocking device used by our company rotates counterclockwise during production, and the residual oil and other impurities separated from the gas separation package can be pushed back into the reactor for secondary cracking until all high quality oil extracted. The impurities are partially dried to powdery carbon black. Therefore, in one batch, the oil production rate from our machines is 2% to 5% higher than that from other companies; at the same time, it removes the secondary treatment of residual oil and possible pollution problems.

At the same time, the technology of this invention patent reduces the rate of the phenomenon of carbon black rising due to the rotation of the reactor in the production processby more than 90%, which makes the carbon black content in the oilgreatly reduced, improves the quality of the oil.

(3): The equipment pipeline cleaning period is greatly extended: the anti-blocking system adopted by our company ensures the cleanliness of the pipeline while restraining the carbon black from entering the pipeline, which makes the cleaning cycle of our equipment doubled compared with other equipment, which saves Human resources, in turn, enable the equipment to continue to operate.

(4): Our equipment has better sealing performance: the sealing performance lies in two aspects, one is the sealing at the reactor door and the other is the sealing at the air outlet location. In terms of reactor door, our design is more reasonable and elliptical, and the door is reinforced several times. No matter which kind of raw material is fed, this design can balance the convenience of full door opening and reduce the possibility of door deformation. The elliptical design allows the high-quality packing to slowly change direction when the corner seal is made, the packing structure does not change, and the small square or round door is not convenient to feed the materials, and second the packing is suddenly changed, which makes the structure become slack and is prone to air leakage.

Our reactor door is made of anti-deformation material and design, it will not be deformed, drooping or tightly sealed for a long time.

Sealing at the air outlet location, our company adopts an integrated design, that is, the air outlet is welded directly to the reactor body to increase the sealing performance, and the two-way sealing design makes the possibility of air leakage lower. The outlet designed by other companies are mostly a simple straight package, and there is no design for two-way sealing.

(5): Anti-stick and automatic clearing device: Our equipment adopts heat treatment and filming process on the inner wall of the reactor before the first usage, so that the coating agent can penetrate into the steel of the furnace wall to form a plated film, which can prevent the reactor wall from sticking together, avoid flash explosions. The automatic clearing machine adopts the chain scraper structure, and the clearing is more thorough.

(6): Equipment quality: first, the materials used is really national standard furnace steel, no non-standard materials.

The second is the welding process: our company adopts automatic welding process, no trachoma, and the welding surface is neat and beautiful.

Third, Built-up in the first class workmanship and superior parts. Every single plant has passed the severe inspection procedures to ensure the best quality to be delivered to each of our customer. 

(7): After-sales service: The equipment is maintained for life. If there is any problem, the confirmation reply will be given within 24 hours after the sale, and the 48-hour personnel will start the on-site service or begin the preparation to apply for visa.

(8): Highly automatic control system, Digital Monitoring and PLC System optional. 

 6: Technology and Operation of the Used plastic Recycling to oil Machine flowchart:
Used Plastic Recycling to Oil Machine with Ce & ISO, SGS

    General introduction: The cut tires or tire bundles or whole tires (with less capacity) or plastic bundles feed into      reactor directly, then close tightly the reactor door, The feeding totally take about 1~3hours accordingly.  

  • Then begin heating. The first 1.6~2.1hours can be called as pre-heating period, and the auxiliary fuel (can be fuel oil, gas or wood) is necessary. 
  • When the gas separator temperature rise up to about 100°C, the oil gas will generate and flow through the gas separator. The heavier content falls down and pushed back to reactor again, the light oil gas part goes up to the condensers and turned into liquid oil stored in oil tanks. The uncondensed sync gas will be purified to remove acid part and the odor, then back to furnace burned as fuel to heat reactor.
  • Together with temperature rises up, then sync gas will take place of auxiliary fuel gradually till completely replace auxiliary fuel. The whole heating process taking about 10hours (according to experience, usually 1Mt tire will take about 1.1hours heating time).
  • When all oil cracked out, stop heating and cool down the reactor to about 80°C, then open the discharger, begin discharging carbon black.
  • Sync Gas:The sync gas generated about 3~8% totally according to the water content of tires, it is pollution gas, but with huge heating value, cannot be emitted directly. We adopt gas purification and recycling technology, all such gas will be purified first to remove the Sulphur and Chlorine content, and then recycled to the burning room burned as fuel to save operation cost as well as prevent gas pollution. If buyer need, also can collected and pressed such gas into tank to generate electricity or sold to market.
  • The principle we use is low temperature pyrolysis, the normal operation temperature not more than 420ºC, and the pressure in the whole process is not higher than 0.02 MPa. We also use smoke purifying system, after purifying, the emissions is cleaner, which is more environment friendly. In a word, our machines are safe, energy-saving, environment friendly and easy to operate.

7: Installation, Guarantee and Sales-after service of the Used plastic Recycling to oil Machine     (1): Installation and Commissioning: The seller shall send at least one engineer to the buyer’s assigned place at agreed time by both parties to conduct installation, commissioning and training of sold machines. The cost which may be including salary of 80USD per day, Accommodation, Round tickets, Meals, Transportation, Essential tools etc. during engineer service process shall be borne by the buyer. Seller should burden the visa application, but buyer should help on the documents, etc.     (2): Guarantee of quality: The Seller shall guarantee that the goods are made of the best materials and of first class workmanship, brand new, and comply in all respects with the quality and specifications and performance as stipulated in this Contract. The Seller shall guarantee that the goods, when correctly installed, properly operated and maintained, shall give satisfactory performance for a period of 12months after the day of completion of installations. Human faults or wearing parts not included in the quality guarantee.     (3): Coverage:The warranty foresees the supply, free of charge, of the parts of the machine that get broken due to manufacturing defects.The warranty does not cover damages and/or loss of production due to machine stops or for the bad running caused by the damage. 


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