Product Details

Model NO. XHZL-10
Input Crude Oil
Output Base Oi/ Diesel
Heating Way Direct Heating /Indirect Heating
Working Area 500 Square Meters
Total Weight 30ton
Cooling Way by Water Cooling
Power 15 Kw
Daily Capacity 5ton
Water Consumption 200kgs
Transport Package Reinforce Pack
Specification XHZL-10
HS Code 84198990
Production Capacity 25sets

used lubricate oil refining distillation machine 10tpd in south africa

Product Description


Machine type Environmental friendly
Daily capacity 10Ton
Working pressure normal
Working Tem 0-500ºC
Machine weight 35000kgs
Voltage 380v
Power 18kw
Reactor working way Non-rotate
Working round area 600 square meters
Labours required 1
Reactor material Q345R/stainless steel
Dedust system High-class
Used for Waste engine oil/waste lube/fuel oil
Out put Base oil/diesel
Oil rate 70-85%
Feeding way Auto and non-stop
Oil cooling way Water cooling
Water consumption 500-1000kgs
Heating way direct /indirect way
Heating fuel Wool.coal,gas,oil

Used Lubricate Oil Refining Distillation Machine 10tpd

2.process craft for each step
Make remaining hot from the spiral flue outside the reactor to preheat the raw material oil ,it is physical reaction
After preheating ,the hot oil will be transported into the reactor by the oil pump !Before the hot oil into the reactor,there must be some oil at the bottom of the reactor and be heated already!due hot oil has already with some temperature so temperature will be rise more quikly than normal temperature oil in this way it can save energy ,improv effeciency! In this process liquid oil become oil gas little by little !it is physical reaction
C,Catalyst tower
It has three tower layer inside the catalyst tower
Every layer will be put catalyst for impurities removal ,decolor and smell removal according to raw material oil! To purify oil !it is Chemical reaction
Catalyst formular will be tailor make according to customer
E.Cooling system including pipe condenser ,condenser ,calandria cooling system and cooling tower
then the clean oil gas will go though the strong  cooling system to low down the temperature quickly
F,oil water separator tank
The clean oil gas will be cooling down to become liquid oil into the oil water separator tank,it is  physical reaction
G.stainless steel pipe filter
Pipe filter with filter bag which can prevent the invisible impurities size :300-500 mesh though ,it is physical reaction ,to purify oil
H.nagative pressure system
can make the running temperature low down,save energy ,improve efficiency ,ensure the safety of running !
I.water sealing
There will be few flammable gas which can not be cooling down in the normal condition after passing though the cooling system,though water sealing it will be go though gas burner ,recycle used by heating the reactor !

After the full process ,if the oil still can not reach your aim
Then the spare equipment begin work
A.stiring tank,
some addtivites will be add into the stiring tank to adjust oil index ,like flash point improver and so on!it is chemical reaction
B.filter tank
3pcs filter tank ,inside will be put filter sand ,it is also a kind of catalyst
After oil goes though filter tank ,the color will be very good!it is also chemical reaction

3.Major parts
1.)Raw oil tank
This device is to store raw oil ,such as pyrolysis oil, waste engine oil,
black oil, waste lubrication oil, oil sludge etc.
2.)Preheating system
This system will heat the raw oil and after heating this oil coming into disitllation reactor .this device use the hot smoke produced by dedust system ,this device can saving 1/3 fuel and saving disitllation time
3).Distillation reactor
This is the most important device , here the raw oil after preheating and go inside this reactor without stop. the reactor is horizontal ,and non-rotate when distillate oil .
this horizontal shape can giving bigger heating area then that of vertical reactor .so it can accelerate the disitllation .
tion final oil
4).Catalyst tower
This system we put catalyst chemical inside it and when distillate oil these chemical will make oil changed.
5).Distillaton tower
During distillation ,the oil will go up to certain altitude and in certain heating temperature, the altitude and temperature same important for oil change
6.)Cooling device for oil
Cool oil by cool water .
The cooling system include water pool, condenser and cooling pipes and cooling tower, cooling tower is used for cooling the water inside water pool.
This cooling system’s water is recycling ,so water is recycled .
7.)Final oil collection tank
These tanks used for collec
8.)Safety device
This device is very important , it can keep anti-fire , it sure no backfire.
And the whole system is anti-explosion.
9.) Electric Control system
This system can control the whole working system, it is easy to use. And very convenient
10.)Heavy oil collection tank
Used for collection heavy oil after distillation.

Used Lubricate Oil Refining Distillation Machine 10tpd
Used Lubricate Oil Refining Distillation Machine 10tpd
Used Lubricate Oil Refining Distillation Machine 10tpd
4.Plant features:
The security system is composed of two water seals, pressure sensors, temperature sensors and safety valves ,<o:p>
Vacuum system make sure no oxygen in the system.
Auto Alarming system will work in case any chance of accident
2.Energy saving
1.Flame path is designed as spiral so that quantity of heat can be fully used.
2.Tail gas recycle use by the reactor
      3).Negative pressure system speed up the reaction velocity,shorten heating time.
3.   Environmental protection
1.waste gas
Flammable gas can be recycle used by the reactor.
2.waste water
which can use waste disposal equipment to recycling used by strong spray
3.Bad smell: there will be some chemical substances feed into the catalysis tower and burnt together with the tires. It can get rid of bad smell and improve the quality of oil.
4.Waste smoke.We have 3 level smoke disposal system.
strong spray tower and activated carbon adsorption tower and spiral dedust system,make sure the emission standard reach PPM
4.High configuration<o:p>
Base of reactor :Stainless steel
Strong spray tower  stainless steel
Activated carbon adsorption tower stainless steel
Draft fan stainless steel
Cooling system made of 2condensor ,cooling tower &1set of coil pipe system,waste spray cooling system
5.Payment term and delivery
Used Lubricate Oil Refining Distillation Machine 10tpd

Payment term 30% TT deposit ,balance paid before plant loading ,or sight LC
Delivery With 15days after getting advance payment
Warranty period 2 years warranty period, life time maintenance
Installation We send technician for guiding installation and training your workers for free.


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