Product Details

Model NO. MW-129CUM
Material Type Solid/Powder/Oil
Packaging Bag
Packaging Material Composite Materials
Transport Package Shipping
HS Code 8422400000
Production Capacity 200pieces/Year

twin bag oil & powder pouch packaging machine for instant noodles seasoning in south africa

Product Description

MW-129CUM or PW-129FUM is a 3 or 4 sides sealing automatic packing machine for filling and packing liquid and powder, with two sets of roller. It can make out the twin oil & seasoning packing. The machine is equipped with one set of vertical sealing roller, and one set of horizontal sealing roller. Zigzag cutter is standard. Line cutter with easy tear notch is option.
The filling device is Magnetic pump (M) which applicable for liquid and Measuring cup (U) that applicable for seasoning.

Technical Parameter:

Item Content Remarks
Pouch Length 45~160mm The appointed length +/-30mm
Pouch Width Twin pouch of three sides + four sides sealing: 30~95mm Replace bag former when bag width changed
Capacity According to the proportion of each pouch  
Packing Speed 60~100p/m Depends on the product and packing specification
Electric Power 3kw / AC380V or so  
Dimension L1.1m× W1m×H1.8m  
Weight 450kg or so  
Standard Feeding Device Magnetic Pump (M) + Measuring cup (U)  
Standard Cutting Device Zigzag Cutter  
Optional Device Easy-tear Device Additional order


Kindly reminder

Please tell us the following information while you send us an inquiry. Base on your message, we will suggest the optimum solution to you for reference. Thank you. 

1. Bag dimension

2. Bag weight

3. Your product

4. Bag shape

5. Bag material

 Other Products

Our products are suitable for many industries, such as food industry, daily chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, etc.
This is our model and the corresponding packaging material form.
For liquid, homogeneous viscous product, such as soy sauce, vinegar, oil, sauce, shampoo, etc.

Product Model Packaging Material
PW/MW-110 series Packing for granules, powders, dry vegetables, pills and some unshaped substances
MW-120 series Packing for granules, powders, liquids, homogeneous sticks
PW/MW-129 series Packing for granules, powders, dry vegetables, pills and some unshaped objects and fluids
PW/MW-239 series Individual packaging, double packaging, triple packaging for homogeneous and heterogeneous fluids
PW/MW-2310 series High-speed packaging for homogeneous and heterogeneous fluids
MW-429 series Long strip packaging for granules, powder and other materials
MW-D8 series Bag-feeding packaging for granules, powders, fluids, etc.
MW-DLSZ series Multi-column vacuum packaging production line
MW-D570 series 5-10 column long strip pillow type back seal
MW-480/720 series Vertical bag packaging machine

You tell us what packaging product you want, feeding method, packaging speed.
we can recommend suitable products for you and customize services.

Twin Bag Oil & Powder Pouch Packaging Machine for Instant Noodles Seasoning


Wide Application
Our machinery can implement customized packaging for the following physical states , such as fine powder, edible powder, coffee powder,Liquids, sticky bodies, powders, granules, dried vegetables, pills, fluids,and other dry and mobile materials .

Twin Bag Oil & Powder Pouch Packaging Machine for Instant Noodles SeasoningTwin Bag Oil & Powder Pouch Packaging Machine for Instant Noodles Seasoning

Wide Bag Styles
We can realize three-side sealing, four-side sealing, back-sticking sealing (long strip type), double bag packaging, multi-row packaging, prefabricated bag packaging and other packaging forms. We have 70 related patented technologies in the packaging machinery industry.
Twin Bag Oil & Powder Pouch Packaging Machine for Instant Noodles Seasoning

Company ProfileOur teams:
1. Nearly 30 years of R & D and manufacturing experience in packaging equipment
2. 30 person packaging professional engineer team
3.Regarded as Top 200 enterprises of Chinese Packing Technique.
4. Team building: tree planting on arbor day, women’s Day holiday, annual reunion meeting, regular physical examination of employees
5."Perfect technology, Reliable partner" is Macwell’s value and culture.Twin Bag Oil & Powder Pouch Packaging Machine for Instant Noodles Seasoning


Twin Bag Oil & Powder Pouch Packaging Machine for Instant Noodles SeasoningBroad market share:
1. Meet the diversified needs of customers, provide packaging machines and other supporting equipment.
2. We have a strong pre-sales, after-sales service
3. All parts are world-class or Chinese first-class brands.
4. There are many famous customers, such as Nestle, Heinz , P&G, L’OREAL, NIVEA, INDOFOOD, MASAN, VIFON,UNIBEN, AFOTECH, CG…
5. Macwell packing machines were exporting to America, Africa, the Southeast Asia, Russia, India…


The advantages of our machines:
1. All standard parts are world or Chinese famous brands with reliable performance.
2. Fast packaging, stable and reliable, simple maintenance and long service life
3. Timely after-sales service, multilingual and multimedia after-sales serviceTwin Bag Oil & Powder Pouch Packaging Machine for Instant Noodles SeasoningFAQ

Question & Answer

Q1. What kind of Macwell company is ?
Macwell Company has a history of nearly 30 years. It is a company integrating R & D, manufacturing and sales.

Q2. What is your manufacturing capacity?
Our factory has nearly 100 employees and 20000 square meters of manufacturing workshop. We manufacture more than 500 packaging machines every year. Users are world-class food processing and packaging enterprises.

Q3. What is the technology and quality level of the packaging machine?
The product prototype of MACWELL packaging machinery comes from Japanese packaging machinery. The machine uses world-class devices, especially electrical control elements. All parts in contact with materials are made of stainless steel. The overall operation of the packaging machine is long. It is the technology leader of China’s packaging machinery.

Q4. What is the warranty?
According to international practice, the packaging machinery is guaranteed for one year, including lifelong after-sales service, long-term spare parts and technical support.

Q5. How long will it take to complete the order and deliver the equipment?
Normally, the manufacturing is completed within 30 days, the factory test is completed within 7 days, and the product is delivered to the customer within 40 days.

Q6. Is it a general purpose machine?
No, we are not general machinery. Each of our machines is customized according to the customer’s detailed requirements. The machine meets 100% of the customer’s needs. Therefore, it can save cost, improve speed and prolong service life for customers.

Q7. What information does the customer need to provide before we can provide a quotation?
Generally, we need to know the packaging information of customers, including the name of packaging materials, the weight of each pouch, the shape (3 / 4 side seal, Pillow type)and size (length and width) of each packaging pouch. We can choose the right machine to quote for our customers.
If customers can provide photos of products, it will be more convenient for us to confirm our technology and provide quotations.

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