Product Details

Working Pressure 0.4-0.8MPa
Internal Space 4500 X 2500 X 2200mm
Working Vacuum 260PA
Leakage Rate 500PA.L /S
Transport Package Seaworthy Package
Specification customized

transformer vacuum oil filling dry machine in tanzania

Product Description

Transformer Vacuum Oil Filling Dry MachineTransformer Vacuum Oil Filling Dry Machine

 I . Equipment Summary 
Vacuum oiling equipment, horizontal square tank side opening, tank inner diameter 4500mm × 2500mm ×2200mm, fully automatic computer control, used for vacuum oil filling of oil-immersed transformers and electrical products.
The equipment is designed and manufactured according to the vacuum oil filling of the transformer, combined with the experience accumulated by our company for long-term production practice of transformer manufacturers, mainly used for oil-immersed transformer oil injection.
According to the requirements of your company, the following technical solutions are proposed for further negotiation between the two parties:

 II. Main Components Parts
2.1  Vacuum oil tank system                  1set
2.2  Vacuum system                                 1set
2.3  Transformer oil storage tank           1set
2.4  Oiling system                                     16 set
2.5  Control system                                  1set
2.6  Pneumatic piping system                1set

Sr. name spec qty
1  Vacuumnk Vacuum tank effective size: 4500×2500×2200mm (L*W*H), horizontal, side door. The following auxiliary materials are provided by our company:

  1. Tank door observation window
  2. O – shaped heat resistant rubber sealing ring and track
  3. Tank door sealing groove device and sealing machine parts
  4. Vacuum joint, sensor joint, connecting flange and other accessories.
  5. oil injection port and flange
  6. Tank body armor material batch
1a Telecontrol trolley
  1. Telecontrol trolley 4400*2300mm. Load 20T
  2. Reduction motor
  3.  3. Driving system and driving wheel
1b Opening and closing locking system of tank door 1. Load-bearing rail and guide device of tank door.
2. The movable driving device of the tank door.
3. Travel control device, non-contact sensor.
4. Cylinder Bearing for Locking Tank Door and Its Accessories
2 Vacuum system
  1.  System configuration:

SV-300  Vane pump   2set
Roots vacuum pump    1set

  1. Electric pneumatic valve(DN25)    1set
  2. Corrugated shock absorber(DN150)  2set
  3. Vacuum sensor and sensor seat 1set
  4. Vacuum meter and table      1set
  5. Vacuum diaphragm valve(DN15) 1set
  6. Pneumatic butterfly valve(DN100) 1set
  7. Electromagnetic charging valve(DN16) 1set
  8. Vacuum piping and corresponding accessories  1set
3 Transformer oil storage tank
  1. Tank(Ф1500×3500mm)   1set
  2.  Liquid level meter    1set
  3. Inlet interface and pneumatic valve    1set
  4. Oil outlet and pneumatic valve    4set
  5. The oil outlet and valve with the oil purifier    1set
  6. Electropneumatic bleeder valve     1set
  7. Vacuum interface and pneumatic valve(DN50) 1set
  8. The bottom of the tank bottom is provided with a discharge port and a valve    1set
4 Oiling system
  1. Elliptic gear flowmeter(DN20)   16set
  2. Pneumatic injection valve        16set
  3. Manual bypass valve      1set
  4. Stainless steel filling line   5set
  5. Sampling valve     1set
  6. Stainless steel filter  1set
  7. Oil filled pipe   1set
5 Control system
  1. Integrated electric control cabinet  1set
  2. Fully automatic operating system 1set
  3. Mitsubishi PLC   1set
  4. Digital vacuum gauge  1set
  5. Vacuum sensor   1set         
  6. Low voltage components (relays, air switches, insurance)  1set
  7. Valve control unit   Some
  8. Flow control unit    1set
  9.  Process control unit  Some
  10. Protection alarm unit  Some
6 Pneumatic piping system
  1. Trachea   1set
  2. FRL      1set
  3. Two position five way reversing valve     1set                
  4. Pressure gauge, pneumatic pipe, valve and other accessories  1 set

Transformer Vacuum Oil Filling Dry Machine
Transformer Vacuum Oil Filling Dry Machine
Transformer Vacuum Oil Filling Dry Machine


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