Product Details

Model NO. LBQX-500
Q-Switch with Q-Switch
Laser Classification Solid
Type Fiber Laser
Model No. Lbqx-300
Wave Length 1064nm
Cooling Type Water Cooling
Voltage 220V-50/60Hz
Transport Package Wooden Case
Specification 70W
HS Code 8456110090
Production Capacity 100 Sets Per Month

small backpack 70w fiber laser cleaning rust machine for rust, paint, oil, dust cleaning in south africa

Product Description

70W Backpack Portable Laser Cleaning Machine

The new design of backpack-type laser cleaning machine is light weight, easy operation, high efficiency cleaning, non-contact and pollution-free. It is used for rust cleaning of cast iron and carbon steel plates;oil cleaning of stainless steel,mold gears and aluminum plate;stainless steel paint cleaning of oxide surface and does not harm the base metal. 

Product  Features:
 1. Portable Design: Compact, wearable, ergonomic, you can use it by yourself; 2. Efficient Cleaning: High-efficiency cleaning, saving time;
3. Non-contact Type: Laser cleaning without grinding and non-contact; 4. No Pollution: It is easy to solve the environmental pollution problems caused by chemical cleaning without using any chemicals and cleaning liquids;5. Strong Scalability: Interchangeable field lens, change the depth of focus, laser cleaning format is wider. 

Small Backpack 70W Fiber Laser Cleaning Rust Machine for Rust, Paint, Oil, Dust Cleaning

Product Advantages:

1. Portable design. Integrated design, all in one whole system, compact structure, backpack structure, easy to carry.

2. High flexibility. Flexible optical fiber structure, flexible operation.

3. Lightweight structure design. The overall volume is small, about 0.015 m2, and the weight is light, about 10kg.

4. Software diversification. It has circular scanning, cross scanning and S-shaped scanning functions, 

and can customize parameters, meet different materials and scenes.

5. Intelligent memory. There are 8 kinds of parameter templates synchronously, which is convenient for reuse.

6.High efficiency and environmental protection. High cleaning efficiency, time saving, high precision, no damage to the substrate, and strong environmental protection.

7.Wide application scenarios. It can meet the application requirements of scenarios that cannot be reached by large cleaning 
equipment, and it is flexible application, fine cleaning.

Application Fields:

  • Shipbuilding industry
  • Auto parts
  • Rubber mold
  • High-end machine tools
  • Tyre mould
  • Railway
  • Environmental protection industry
  • Others

Cleaned Samples:

Small Backpack 70W Fiber Laser Cleaning Rust Machine for Rust, Paint, Oil, Dust Cleaning
 Product Parameter:

Optical parameters:

Model No. LBQX-300
Laser power Pulse 70W
Laser wave length 1064nm
Beam quality M2 ≤ 1.6
Power regulation range (%) 10~100
Single pulse energy (mJ) 1.5
Optical pulse width (ns) 100-120
Pulse frequency 50-170KHz
Type of cooling Air-Cooled
Output power stability (%) < 5
Laser output beam diameter (mm) 6-8 (1/e ²)
Output beam ellipticity (%) ≥90
Laser on time (us) 110-140
Laser off time (us) 110-150

Output optical cable parameters

Optical fiber cable length (m) 1.5m (customizable)
Electrical Parameters
Power supply voltage (AC)  

Maximum current loss (A) 5 (± 1)
Rated power consumption (W) 400
Other parameters
Operating ambient temperature (ºC) 0~40
Relative humidity of working environment (%) 10-96
Storage temperature (ºC) 10-60
Cooling mode Air cooling
Preheating time (min) 10s
Overall dimension (mm) 440mm * 320mm * 190mm
Operating weight (kg) about 10kg

Parameters of laser cleaning head

Field mirror configuration F160, F254
Scanning line length  (mm) 0~100mm(F160)
0~160mm (F254) linear adjustable
Scanning line width (mm) 0~20mm (linearly adjustable)
Maximum galvanometer speed (mm/s) ≥ 15m/s
Weight of cleaning head (g) 1kg (excluding optical fiber output head)
Cleaning head size (mm) 299mm * 82mm * 92mm
Cleaning head material aluminum alloy

Advantage Comparison

Item Laser Cleaning Chemical Cleaning Mechanical  Polish Dry Ice (CO2) Cleaning Ultrasonic cleaning
Cleaning Method Laser and non-contact type Chemical agent,
Contact Cleaning
Mechanical/ abrasive paper, contact cleaning Dry Ice (CO2),
non-contact type
Cleaning agent,
Contact type
Hurt for workpiece No damage With damage With damage No damage No damage
Cleaning Efficiency High Low Low Medium Medium
Consumable Just with Electricity Chemical cleaning agent abrasive paper grinding wheel, oilstone Dry Ice (CO2) Special Cleaning Agent
Effective Excellent with high cleanliness Common,
Common, Non-uniform Excellent ,
Excellent ,
small cleaning area
Accuracy Precise Control, High Accuracy Non-control,Lowe Accuracy Non-control,Common Accuracy Non-control,
Low Accuracy
Can not clear in special place
Safety / Pollution No Pollution Environment Pollution Environment Pollution No Pollution No Pollution
Handling by workers Simple Operation,
Handheld / Automation
Complex process,It is with high requirement for operator, must have preventive measure With much labor cost and must have preventive measure Simple Operation, Handheld / Automation Simple Operation,
consumables is must
Cost Comparison High first Investment , No consumables ,
Low Maintenance Cost
Low first investment, Extremely High Consumables cost High first Investment, high consumables cost & high labor cost Medium first Investment, high consumables cost Low first investment, Medium Consumables cost

Packing Detail

Small Backpack 70W Fiber Laser Cleaning Rust Machine for Rust, Paint, Oil, Dust Cleaning

Company Information
 Wuhan Label Laser Company Specializes in the R & D, production and sales of laser marking machine, pneumatic marking machine, electromagnetic marking machine and laser welding machine, laser cleaning machine since 2006.

"Laser + automation" and "Laser + intelligence"

Our company launched the 2nd generation of leading products "Smart Marking Machine Workstation" to meet market demand.
The intelligent workstation combines mechanical manufacturing unit, electrical control unit, motion control unit, CCD vision and detection unit, Internet card station unit, MES communication unit, ERP management unit, DPM code reading unit, weighing, measuring, detection unit, laser The ranging unit, FIRD identification unit, label printing and labeling unit, and other new technologies and processes to realize production line automation and system integration.

With 16 years development, Label Laser has accumulated rich technical and design experience for industrial marking system, a large number of successful cases and well-known customers in industries of machinery, automotive, iron and steel, petroleum, petrochemical, aviation, electronic products, tools, instrument, apparatus, etc.
Small Backpack 70W Fiber Laser Cleaning Rust Machine for Rust, Paint, Oil, Dust Cleaning
Small Backpack 70W Fiber Laser Cleaning Rust Machine for Rust, Paint, Oil, Dust Cleaning
Why choose us

A. More than 16 years laser marking, cleaning, welding, processing, manufacturing, research and design rich experience. 
B. Professional technical group for customized industrial laser marking system.

C. More than 3000+marking solution cases accumulated in domestic and oversea markets.

D. 100% strict QC for both raw materials and finished products.

E. Utility Model Patent Certificates,involved 3M Flexible label paper marking,Nameplate Auto marking ,Engine cylinder block and head pass-type auto marking,Automobile forged wheel hubs pass-type auto marking, copyright of computer software,etc.

F. ISO,CE,SGS certified and complete aftersales service team.


Q1: What type of the machine suitable for us?

We have 50W 70W 100W 200W 300W 500W 1000W fiber laser cleaning machine laser rust removal for your choice.
Please tell us what material will be cleaned and the size of cleaning, we will advise you the suitable model machines. If you can provide material picture, it is better.
Q2: If we do not know how to use the machine,can you teach us?
Yes, we will. Our user manuals are together with goods shipment. We can also send operation video to you for study.

If you come to our factory, our technicians will offer you free training until you can use machine freely.
Our professional engineer can come to your country for trainning, installation, adjusting, ect.
Q3: How about the delivery time?
For standard machine, lead time is 10-15 days. 
Regarding customized machine, we need to check with technicians.

Our Clients: 
Small Backpack 70W Fiber Laser Cleaning Rust Machine for Rust, Paint, Oil, Dust Cleaning




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