Product Details

Filling Principle Negative Pressure
Packaging Container Lifting Structure Pneumatic Lifting
Structure Linear
Packaging Barrel
Packaging Material Plastic
Appliance Lubricnat Oil Urea Oil
Model Type Linear Type
Suit Volume 500ml to 500L
Suit Container Bottle with Bucket with Barrel
Delivery Time 30day
Guarantee One Year
Contain Machine Filling,Capping,Cap Elevator,Labeling,
Precision Type Weighing Type
Suit Product Edile Oil,Lubricant Oil…
Transport Package Wooden Case
Specification 2head 4head 6head 8head
HS Code 8422301090
Production Capacity 200set/Year

shell tellus oil filling machine in tanzania

Product Description

Product description:

 Automatic flowmeter filling machine
Shell Tellus Oil Filling Machine

Product Features:

1. The filling machine adopts high-precision flowmeter and real-time temperature collection to compensate the density change of oil products caused by temperature difference, thus effectively ensuring the accuracy of filling and measurement

2. Man-machine operation interface with touch screen, complete functions, convenient, reliable and simple operation; 

3. Large adjustable range of filling capacity, adjusting indexing value of 1ml; 

4. The filling feeding form can be inclined punching or direct punching, which is suitable for different liquid filling. The inclined punching type is suitable for liquid material which is easy to foam.

5. In the form of liquid supply, high level tank or pump can be used to feed the liquid, which greatly improves the production capacity;

6. Variable frequency speed regulation is adopted to mix the first fast and then slow pipe, which can effectively solve the phenomenon of steam foam bottle overflowing during the pump pressure rapid filling and ensure the filling accuracy;

7. Unique filling head design and vacuum suction system, to ensure that the site and packaging products from residual liquid pollution

3, 8. The electrical and gas main parts are equipped with well-known quality components to ensure the reliability, accuracy, stability and durability of the system operation.                                          

Technical parameters:

Power: 0.75-1.5 KW

Or: 1900 x1600x2000mm

Power source: 380V 50Hz

Filling capacity: 1-20L

Bottle height: custom-made

Bottle diameter: custom-made

Filling capacity: 10-20 cans/min (based on 1L)

Filling accuracy: ≤±0.2%

Weight: 800 kg

Weight filling machine
Shell Tellus Oil Filling Machine

Product principle:
Weighing filling machine is the use of electronic scale measurement accuracy characteristics, the electronic weight signal sensor and weighing control instrument with data line connection, in the measurement process of electronic scale pressure signal continuously transmitted to the control instrument, when the preset quantitative weight control instrument control pump, close the pneumatic valve.The weighing, filling machine adopts pipes and tanks connected using the filling pressure type, and due to its high precision weighing system equipment accurately weighing, filling food, medicine, daily chemical class of edible oil, salad oil, butter, cream, paint, lubricating oil, oil, pesticide, liquid fertilizer, foliar fertilizer, salt fertilization, thinner or other materials.

Shell Tellus Oil Filling Machine
Product character:

  1. auto auto move net weight,auto move bottom filling.
  2. At design range,at will set require filling weight.
  3. When filling end, adopt reduce speed system, at approach rated value, auto reduce speed, avoid pill out, sure precision.
  4. Adopt to anti-drip install mouth, avoid drop to material disc, avoid liquid drip out.

Technical parameter:
Filling head:4head,can special make;   filling range:10-20L-can special make
 voltage:380V 50HZ     facility power:3.5kw
 weighing error:≤0.2%;            capacity:100-130barrel/hour/1head    
 machine size:2000*1600*2000 CM  client own match:air bump with gas pipe  

Suit filling product
Shell Tellus Oil Filling Machine
semi-auto flowmeter filling machine
Shell Tellus Oil Filling Machine

Product Introduction:

The filling machine adopts flowmeter filling. Flowmeter filling is used to automatically track the temperature and density of oil products and adjust the oil delivery quantity at any time, so that the oil delivery quality can be reduced with the change of temperature and density, and the measurement accuracy is relatively high.Both of them adopt fixed capacity filling and fixed quality filling.

Product Features:
1. Equipped with a frequency converter, it has the two-speed filling function of first fast and then slow, so that the filling speed is not too fast and the material will overflow the container
2, the use of stainless steel material, stable and reliable performance, easy to clean, not damaged.
3, PLC microcomputer control, easy to operate, single operation can save labor
4. The filling head adopts vacuum backsuction and anti-drip device to reduce the loss without bubbles during filling.
4. Filling speed and filling range can be adjusted according to needs to realize multi-purpose of one machine.
Applicable products: coatings, inks, paints, lubricants, petrochemicals, fine chemicals and other liquid, fluid, paste products. 

Technical parameters:
Number of cans: 2
Power: 0.75 KW
Capacity range: 1-40L (customized)
Applicable bottle height: ≥100-450mm
Applicable bottle size: ≥20mm
External size: 900*750*1800mm (the size is for reference only, subject to the actual size)
Production capacity: 200-300 barrels per hour
Weight: 270 kg
Filling accuracy: ≤±0.5%

 Shell Tellus Oil Filling Machine

Product features:
1, the use of stainless steel material, stable and reliable performance, easy to clean, should not be damaged.
2. Both automatic and manual filling modes coexist, which is convenient to operate.
3, with weighing instrument, not affected by materials, high measurement accuracy.
4. The filling head is equipped with an anti-drip device, and there is no bubble during filling to reduce the loss.
5. Filling speed and range can be adjusted according to needs to realize multi-purpose of one machine.
Applicable products: coatings, inks, paints, lubricants, petrochemicals, fine chemicals and other liquids, fluids and pastes.
Technical parameters:
Number of filling heads: 2
Power: 0.75 KW
Capacity range: 1-40l
Applicable bottle height: ≥100-450mm
Applicable bottle diameter: ≥20mm
Overall size: 1100*750*1800mm (size is for reference only, the actual size shall prevail)
Production capacity: 200-300 barrels per hour
Weight: 270 kg
Filling accuracy: ≤±0.5%

Semi-auto weighing filling capping machine
Shell Tellus Oil Filling Machine

Shell Tellus Oil Filling Machine

The main features

The system adopts weighing filling, with high measuring accuracy, not affected by materials. 
The filling valve composed of fast filling and slow filling can not only improve the filling speed but also improve the filling accuracy. 
The measurement range is large, and the measurement error is less than three parts per thousand. 

4. The filling head is equipped with anti-drip device, which can produce good effect without bubble.
Main structure and working principle
Computer quantitative filling machine has feeding system, weighing system, rack, pneumatic control, control system, no power raceway and other components. 
Feeding method: continuous and stable feeding is required (pressurized feeding by feeding pump or hopper)

The feeding mechanism is implemented by solenoid valve through the cylinder for fast and slow feeding. 

Filling method: normal filling and lifting submersible filling (choose as required)
Weighing system consists of weighing bracket, sensor, weighing platform equipped with powerless drum and frame support and filling system. 
Pneumatic control system: control fast and slow feeding valve. 

The weighing platform is not allowed to be subjected to additional external force during use.

Technical parameters:

Filling capacity: 30-40 barrels per hour
Applicable bottle height: no restrictions
Filling capacity: 100-200kg(customized)
Filling accuracy: ≤0.5%
Applicable bottle diameter: not limited
Power source: 4 kw
Weight: 180 kg
Dimension: 1000X400X700 (length * width * height)
Length of roller: about 3.3 meters

Term and condition:
1. Payment
30% deposit against the contract by T/T should be paid before the order;
70% balance should be paid off by T/T after inspection before delivery;

2. Delivery time 
60 days after received the down payment;

3. Training
Against the requests of the Buyer, the Seller’s technician could train the Buyer’s operators in the Buyer’s factory in the periods of installing & adjusting; 

4. Installation and adjustment 
The Buyer should make a reservation in advance before delivery of the machines;
The Buyer should pay for the engineer’s visa application cost, round air tickets, food & board before his departure; And pay USD 80/day to engineer.

5. Guarantee
one year

Competitive Advantages
Well and High Quality Control , 
Prompt Delivery ,long term testing before delivery
improve new technology all time
Customer’s Design and Logo are Welcome , 
Competitive Prices , 
Earth-friendly Products , 
In a Variety of Design , 
Small Order Acceptable , 
ODM Accepted , 
OEM Accepted .

High quality: international brand electricity and good material
Our machines are using world famous brand component.
MITSUBISH PLC variable-frequency governor and OMRON optical switch form Japan.
SCHNEIDER electrical appliance components from France and Germany.
LG air switch,contactor and circuit breaker from South Korea.
SEMIKRON control thyristors from Germany.
BOURNS potentiometer from America.

Professional After Sale Service
Our engineer will be on site to guide installation and debugging , we also provide free staff training. Further more,Our After Sale service department offering 24 hours 7days service ,we will quickly respond you once you have any question when using our machines.

Long history of the Company
Our company is famous for its finest quality and enjoys a long-standing reputation at home and abroad. Having a long history of more than two decades,great experience accumulated in such a long time making us on the top list of Chinese company.

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Shell Tellus Oil Filling Machine

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