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Model NO. HT-80 oil equipment
Condition New
Customized Customized
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Specification 2100*280*1370mm
HS Code 84792000
Production Capacity 30sets/Month

rice oil extract process rice bran oil machines in tanzania

Rice bran oil summary
Rice bran oil is the oil extracted from rice bran, which is the by-product of milling brown rice into white rice.The oil content of rice bran varies with the quality of rice bran, and the oil yield is generally 10%~12%, and higher than 15%. 

Main Oil making Process  
 Crude rice bran -cleaning -softening -expansion -drying -to extraction plant
Rice Oil Extract Process Rice Bran Oil Machines
Oil material after extrusion, puffing material grain density increase, oil material cells are completely destroyed, have more space inside, outside surface have more free oil, grain size and mechanical strength increase, at the time of extruding, solvent permeability is dramatically improved to material layer, extruding rate improve, short extruding time, thus can make the yield increase of extruder. After extracting, the solvent content of wet meal is lower than oil material extracting directly. Due to the improvement of the permeability of the material layer by solvent during the oil leaching.At the same time, the output of the wet meal dissolving equipment is increased and the energy consumption of the wet meal dissolving equipment is greatly reduced.
Rice Oil Extract Process Rice Bran Oil Machines

Rotocel extractor
The oil yield of oil extracted by extracting method is higher than that by press method, and the residual oil of oil meal extracted by extracting method is less than 1%, which is of practical significance for rational utilization of oil resources. Secondly, after oil extraction, the protein content of oil meal was relatively high and the quality was good, which could be used as raw material for video and feed production. Thirdly, the production scale has low processing cost. Fourth, high degree of automation control, leaching of the combination of French chemical units, it is easy to achieve automatic control of temperature, pressure, liquid level, vacuum, flow, material level. Fifth, the production environment is good, because it is closed production, no leakage, no dust, and low temperature, the production environment is better than the pressing method.

Advantages of Rotocel extractor
1. Simple in structure
2. Reliable operation
3. Low power consumption
4. Small footprint
5. The mixture is highly concentrated
6. The mixed oil contains few impurities
7. The leaching effect is good
Rice Oil Extract Process Rice Bran Oil Machines

Flat Plate Dryer

Flat Plat dryer  after expansion, rice bran extruded cake fall into plate dryer for drying
Rice Oil Extract Process Rice Bran Oil Machines
Toast-desolventizing section

Wet meal discharged from bottom of extractor is sent to pre-desolventing layer of DTC desolventizer-toaster by wet meal scraper conveyor, heating with indirectly steam and make part of the solvent evaporating, temperature of meal rising; After pre-desolventizing, the wet meal is sent to pre-toast-desolventizing layer, pre-toast-desolventizing solvent in meal by secondary steam at toast-desolventizing layer, and then the meal fall into toast-desolventizing layer, filling in directly steam and the steam spraying into meal from bottom hole, steam distillation for solvent in meal to remove the solvent, part of the steam condensation in the meal, play an active role in destroying enzyme activity of meal; desolventized meal fall into lower drying layer from discharge valve, and drying the meal to make the moisture in it achieve the requirements of bagging and storage.
Rice Oil Extract Process Rice Bran Oil Machines

Process introduction of refining plant
Crude oil-Dephosphorization, degumming, drying and decolorization-Deacidification and deodorization- Dewaxing- Finished oil- Filling

Rice Oil Extract Process Rice Bran Oil Machines

Advanced workshop appliance
Rice Oil Extract Process Rice Bran Oil Machines
Rice Oil Extract Process Rice Bran Oil Machines

Various certificates and honor Certificate of Huatai
Rice Oil Extract Process Rice Bran Oil Machines


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