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Model NO. COP-10
Production Capacity 100

professional used cooking oil filter machine used oil re-refining plant in south africa

Industrial Hydraulic Oil Purification System

The Benefits of Oil Purification• save oil change cost
• solve oil disposal problem
• keep equipment working more efficient
• protect machinery and reduce maintenance time
• create a cleaner environment   
 Our ProductsChongqing TOP Oil Purifier Manufacture Co.,Ltd offers a wide range of mobile, in-plant, and on-line oil purification equipment employing its proprietary vacuum distillation process to utilize an innovative dialysis approach in removing all contaminants (water, particulates and gas). Chongqing TOP Oil Purifier Manufacture Co.,Ltd s technological advantage in the field of oil reclamation has gained the company the reputation as being the supplier of leading edge technology in the field of fluid purification.


ZYD Mobile Double Stage Vacuum Oil Reclamation System
The ZYD series of units (our standard systems), restores hydraulic and industrial oils to purity as good as or better than new without removing additives or affecting physical properties. Using a patented vacuum distillation process, this equipment reclaims mineral based or synthetic oils with viscosities ranging from 50 to 1,500 SSU at flow rates of between 300 to 3,000 gallons per hour.
  TY Turbine Lube Purification Systems are specifically designed for purification of large turbine lube oil reservoirs. These units are generally sized with a flow rate that permits processing of 100% of the reservoirs capacity per hour. These designs produce very rapid and efficient removal of particulate and water contamination, which result in maintained particulate levels of 15/12 or better, and water levels of 25 ppm or less.
  TYD Trailer Mounted Oil Reclamation Systems are completely self contained. Usually supplied with refrigeration condensing, these units are designed for high flow rates with very high water removal rates. This enables the user to quickly service operating machinery with both large and small reservoirs.
  EIFPSElectrical Insulating Fluid Purification Systems are complete systems designed to quickly and efficiently remove moisture, gas, and particulates from transformer, cable and other electrical insulating fluids. These systems can be supplied for use with both mineral and synthetic fluids. Since it is known moisture plays a key in maintaining the dielectric levels and aging of these fluids, it is imperative that extremely low moisture levels be maintained within these fluids. The TOP Tech process will produce moisture levels of 10 ppm or less, gas levels of 0.25% and particulate levels of 15/12 or better.

All units are available in both mobile and stationary designs. Typical control panels/electrical system

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Professional Used Cooking Oil Filter Machine Used Oil Re-Refining Plant
Professional Used Cooking Oil Filter Machine Used Oil Re-Refining Plant
Professional Used Cooking Oil Filter Machine Used Oil Re-Refining Plant

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