Product Details

Condition New
Customized Customized
Materials Carbon Steel & Stainless Steel
Feature Automatic Machine
Product Name Cooking Oil Refining
Voltage1 380V/50Hz
Usage Cooking Oil Refining
Type1 Oil Refining Production Line
Weight 30ton
Scale Mini, Small, Large Scale
Oil Rate Refining ≥ 97%
Certification Ce, ISO
Operation Easy to Learn
Warranty 1 Year
Price Low, for Sale
Processing Types Edible Oil, Cooking Oil
Item Fob
Transport Package Plywood, International Standard Trade Packing
Specification depend on different model
HS Code 8479200000
Production Capacity 30tpd to 300tpd, 3sets/Month

palm palm oil refinery palm oil refinery in tanzania

palm malaysia palm oil refinery malaysia palm oil refineryProduct Description:
In order to get pure and relatively high quality edible oil after pressing, the crude oil refinery will use our refining equipment to remove impurities in the oil. such as saponin,fatty acid, phosphatide, pigment. The refined oil reaches the edible oil standard while finished refining process.
Palm Malaysia Palm Oil Refinery Malaysia Palm Oil Refinery
Process classificati:
depending on the oil, the production process different crude oil, customer demand for products of different, the size of the processing and refining method is different, our company’s refining equipment is divided into three types: batch refining equipment and semi continuous refining equipment and continuous refining equipment.
Palm Malaysia Palm Oil Refinery Malaysia Palm Oil Refinery
Our refining machine is suitable for refining various of crude oil, vegetable oil, such as palm kernel oil, sunflower seed oil, tea seed oil, peanut oil, soybean oil, corn oil, groundnut oil, rapeseed oil and so on.

1.304/316 SUS 
2.Customized crude oil refining line capacity. We customize plant as per your requirement for the capacity.
3. Flexible usage. The crude oil refining line can work independently or together with whole oil production line.
4. Two sets centrifugal machine make sure all continuous production , degumming result is very good.
5.The refined oil has high quality and is good for long time storage.
6. Oil can reach national standard(LEVEL 2), it can be sold in supermarket.
Palm Malaysia Palm Oil Refinery Malaysia Palm Oil Refinery
Main Process:

  1. .P-acid degumming operation:
    Drawing the filtered or settled crude oilinto the neutral pot, control oil temperature 40 ° C, liquidlevel cover theneutral pot volume about 80 %.Add into theneutral pot Pacid with 85% concentration, 0.1-0.2% oil weight.Start up neutral pot, make main shalf stirring at 60-70 r/min, finish de-gumming in 30 min.
    Adjust the neutral pot oil temp to about 85 °C, add into hot water whose temp higher oil temp 10-15° C, the water use amount each time is 10-15% oil weight.
    (2)alkali de-acid operation:
    After finish degumming process, at once add into lye carrying alkali refining deacid, lye concentration 16 ° Be ′, super alkali is 0.1to0.3% oil weight, after finish adding, continuous stirring 30min, when soap particles accumulated condensing, should reduce stirring speed, 30r/min avoid emulsion. After adding alkali, gradually rising temp to the end temp 65 ° C, see to that the rising temp speed should control at 1 degree per minute, not too fast. Shut off neutral pot drive part, theoil settled in the pot 6-8 hours, make oilseparate from soap.
    Pump the oil netralized into decolorizer vessel , samely mixing to rise its temperature to 90 degrees,then mixing for 30 mins,to reduce water to 0.1% ,then put a little clay (decoloring media) 24 % of total oil ,mixing for 30 mins ,to reduce the temperature to 70 degrees, then filte the clay with oil filter,to get the oil decolorized .

Palm Malaysia Palm Oil Refinery Malaysia Palm Oil Refinery

The specification of crude oil:

 Item  Standard
 Smell and taste  The original smell and taste of seed oil
 Moisture and volatile matter (%)           ≤ 0.20
 Insoluble impurities (%)                 ≤ 0.20
 Acid value (mgKOH/g)                 ≤ 4.0
 Peroxide value (mmol/kg)              ≤ 7.5

The specification of refined oil:


 Item  Standard
 Color (Lovibond Cell 133.4mm)          ≤  R2.0  Y20
 Smell and taste                        ≤ No smell and good taste
 Transparence                         ≤ Clear and transparent
 Moisture and volatile matter (%)          ≤ 0.05
 Insoluble impurities (%)                 ≤ 0.05
 Acid value (mgKOH/g)                ≤ 0.20
 Peroxide value (mmol/kg)              ≤ 5.0
 Smoke point (°C)                      ≥ 215


Workshop installation :

Palm Malaysia Palm Oil Refinery Malaysia Palm Oil Refinery

What can we supply:

  1. . Craft flow chart;
    2). Equipment layout drawing;
    3). Equipment base drawing;
    4). Reserved hole & embedded parts drawing and civil engineering condition drawing;
    5). Embedded pipeline layout drawing;
    6). Embedded pipeline of power circuit drawing;
    7). Power electricity layout drawing;
    8). Electricity distribution cabinet and operation table schema;
    9). Plant layout drawing.

Packing & Delivery:
Palm Malaysia Palm Oil Refinery Malaysia Palm Oil Refinery
Our Factory:
Wuhan Kinetic is a Professional and modern grain and oil machinery engineering equipment manufacturer integrating research, manufacturing and installation. We have obtained rich experience and practice in palm fruit oil machine, vegetable oil pretreatment, prepress,extraction, sophisticated technology and equipment designs etc, owing wide international market in more than 130 countries and regions.
With more than 30 years of experience on oil making machine, we provide a comprehensive range of products 
We are proud to guarantee that, with our strong technical background and communication capability, our sales/support engineers are able to answer your most complicated technical questions over the phone in English. That would save a lot of time for communication.

Our service:
Pre-Sales Service
* Inquiry and consulting support. 
After-Sales Service
* Training how to install and function the machine.
* Engineers available to service machinery overseas.
* 12 months warranty and life spand service available.
* Flowchart and factory design.  
* View our Factory.


Q1 : Which kind of other materials can be processed?
All kinds of oil seeds. For example, sunflower seeds, rice bran, corn germ, palm fruit, palm kernel, coconut, peanut, soybean, sesame, cottonseeds, rapeseed, etc.but will have some oil equipment is different,we will design the best palm oil mill for you.
Q2 : What’s the capacity of this refined oil mill?
Generally, 10-5000 tons per day. We can also manufacture as per customers’ requirements.
Q3: What is the Material of this machine?
Stainless steel and carbon steel,and we accept customization.
Q4 : How long is the warranty?
The main parts of the machine come with one year warranty and after the expiration our engineer is available overseas to do the maintenance work.
Q5 : Can the machine be installed locally?
We can do the turn-key projects or other services according to customers’ requirements, according to this condition, our services include manufacturing, purchasing, transporting, installation, training labors etc.
Q6 : How long can we get the goods?
We usually delivery in 3-5 working days, we will inform you shipping time based on your seaport.


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