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palm fruit oil pressing line/ crude palm oil separating equipment in tanzania

Henan Huatai Cereals and oil machinery Co., Ltd.        Henan Huatai Oil Machinery Engineering Co., Ltd. was formerly grain Factory Hua County, Henan Province, the national oil machinery and equipment manufacturing enterprises focus, Chinese Cereals and Oils Association grease Branch outstanding member units, with the State Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine issued D1, D2 grade pressure vessel design permits, D1, D2 grade pressure vessel manufacturing license, pressure piping design permits, pressure piping installation permit, organic heat boiler manufacturing license, installation license, which specializes in all kinds of oil machinery and equipment design, manufacture, installation. My company to develop into a modern international oil machinery goal, to grease machinery and high-tech research and development, and the latest scientific research achievements into productive forces rapidly and achieved good social and economic benefits for the revitalization of China’s oil industry has contributed .
    Providerr of prfessional engineering service of oilseeds pre-pressed& leaching and refinery turn-key projects.

Palm Fruit Oil Pressing Line/ Crude Palm Oil Separating Equipment
 Palm pomace oil process application range
Palm trees are perennial oil crops that grow in tropical regions and have the advantages of large yields and low costs. Palm fruit oil pressing machinery is widely used in palm fruit edible oil processing. Palm oil is already one of the largest edible oils in the world, and is widely used in bulk food processing, edible cooking and biodiesel production.

Introduction to the advantages of palm fruit oil extraction process
Palm fruit oil extraction machinery adopts a pressing process to extract palm oil, which has the advantages of mature and perfect, reasonable design and so on. Palm fruit oil extraction machinery adopts a self-sufficient production model, which not only saves production costs, but also reduces environmental pollution, which is conducive to resource recycling; combined with the actual conditions of the raw material country, the project usually includes an oil extraction part and a water treatment part , Power supply part, etc.

Palm Fruit Oil Pressing Line/ Crude Palm Oil Separating Equipment
Introduction of crude palm oil production process:
Fresh palm fruit (Abbreviated as FFB) enters the fruiting period after growing for about 3 years. After being picked by the fruit grower, it is transported to the crude palm oil production workshop, and then processed in the following steps:
Palm Fruit Oil Pressing Line/ Crude Palm Oil Separating Equipment

1. Weighing: To transport fruits into the factory, they are first weighed by a truck scale, which is convenient for settlement and subsequent production cost accounting.

2. Discharge: After passing through the ramp, FFB is screened to remove impurities, and then transported to the conveying machinery to the sterilization tank. The time from picking to sterilization should not be too long. After 24 hours, the free fatty acid (FFA) will increase. Conducive to subsequent production and processing.

3. Sterilization: After FFB enters the sterilization tank, pressurized and high-temperature cooking is carried out, and this stage prepares for various subsequent processes.

4. Threshing: The FFB is softened during the sterilization process, and the palm fruit is separated from the empty fruit bunch (EFB) after being beaten and sieved by the threshing machine.

5. Transportation: (EFB) After being transported and stocked, it is transported to the orchard for fertilizer or fuel, and it can also be used for other purposes.

6. Crushing: After threshing, the fruit is broken by stirring and squeezing in a mashing tank.

7. Pressing: The crushed fruit is leached by screw extrusion in the press.

8.Separation:  After being crushed, the squeezed pie-shaped fiber enters the winnowing system to separate the fiber from the core.

9.Separation:  After the core is separated from the fiber, the core is divided into the kernel and the shell by the nuclear crusher, and then the kernel and the shell are separated through the winnowing and washing system. The shell is stored as fuel and enters the boiler fuel system. The kernels are stored after drying.

10. Clarification: Crude oil (CPO) contains certain moisture and impurities after being squeezed out. After being initially cleaned by the grit tank and vibrating screen, it enters the vertical clear oil tank and is heated and stirred, and then separated into dirty oil and clean oil. The clean oil is transported after being dried. To the crude oil storage tank. The dirty oil is processed and recovered after going through a desanding system and centrifugal separation.

11. Transportation: According to the actual situation, make the oil pipeline for transportation.

12.Water treatment:  The source water is generally introduced into the factory from a nearby river, and after preliminary clarification and filtration, it is treated with permeation and reverse osmosis to reach the boiler feed water standard.

13.Power system:  Power system The power is mainly the use of steam turbine generator sets to generate electricity, and is also equipped with diesel generator sets.

Process flow chart of palm fruit oil extraction equipment
Palm Fruit Oil Pressing Line/ Crude Palm Oil Separating Equipment

Why choose us?

1. Strenth Factory, speciallized in grains & oils for over 60 years

  • One of the most largest Cooking oils factory;
  • More than 100,000 square meters;
  • Over 580 professional employees;
  • 8 Large-scale workshop, 120 production equipments;
  • Over 60 years experience in Grain & Oil industry;

Palm Fruit Oil Pressing Line/ Crude Palm Oil Separating Equipment


2. Research and Development Center

  • 27 national patents technical, have many published books;
  • High-tech enterprise Certificate of Henan Province;
  • Complete equipment major production enterprises;
  • Provide specific solutions to meet different requirements;

Palm Fruit Oil Pressing Line/ Crude Palm Oil Separating Equipment


3. Strict quality control system

  • Stricted quality control, have passed ISO 9001, CE, CNAS;
  • With high level automation and higher productivity;
  • Have Special Equipment Manufacturing License;
  • Have many advanced quality testing auxiliary equipment;
  • Long service life and lower maintenance cost;

Palm Fruit Oil Pressing Line/ Crude Palm Oil Separating Equipment


4. Dozens of certificates and honors

  • Won Gold Award of China Invention Exposition;
  • Excellent member of China Grain & Oil Association;
  • Won the Provincial trustworthy unit for many years;
  • China Top 10 Food and Oil Machinery Brand;


Palm Fruit Oil Pressing Line/ Crude Palm Oil Separating Equipment  

5. Rich experience of large overseas projects

  • Hundreds of successful overseas projects;
  • Rich experience in government bidding projects;
  • Products are exported to all over the world;
  • Large project experience, can undertake 3,000t/d projects;

Palm Fruit Oil Pressing Line/ Crude Palm Oil Separating Equipment 

6. Thoughtful & Considerate after-sale Service

  • Overseas Installation Services & Staff Training;
  • On-site technical service;
  • Large warehouse, stable supply of spare parts;
  • Stable and standardized after-sales service team;

Palm Fruit Oil Pressing Line/ Crude Palm Oil Separating Equipment

Q1: What is the Warranty for the machines?
A1: We provide 1 year warranty for your machine.
Q2: How to install and debug after purchasing the equipmen?
A2: we provide customers with turnkey engineering lines, our engineers will provide free training for your workers, you can buy with confidence. 

Q3: Do you provide after-sales service? How to guarantee your ability and quality?
A3: Of course, we provide after-sales service. We have more than 30 subsidiaries and offices around the world, and the Russian market share alone is as high as 60%. What we do is brand strategic marketing rather than one-time sales.
Q4: Among so many suppliers, what is your biggest advantage?
A4: We are a member unit of China Cereals and Oils Association. It is one of the four largest grain and oil machinery manufacturers. We have 60 years of industry experience. We are a listed company integrating R&D, design, production and sales. We are a manufacturer, not a trading company. We have our own brand "Huatai" and have more than 27 patents for China’s oil and fat equipment process technology.
Q5: How to ask quotation?
A5: Please note us what tpye of raw seeds , and how many tons of raw seeds you want to treat per day, then we will send you quotation as soon as we can.
Palm Fruit Oil Pressing Line/ Crude Palm Oil Separating Equipment
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