Product Details

Condition New
Certification ISO, CE
Dew Point <=-70c
Pressure 1-25MPa
Transport Package Wood Boxes
Specification Stainless steel
HS Code 8419601900
Production Capacity 2000sets/Year

oil-free auto operation nitrogen machine in tanzania

Product Description

Oil-Free Auto Operation Nitrogen Machine 

No Model Flow (Nm3/h) Purity Pressure (bar)
1 YCNP-5 5 95%-99.999% 6-350
2 YCNP-10 10 95%-99.999% 6-350
3 YCNP-30 30 95%-99.999% 6-350
4 YCNP-50 50 95%-99.999% 6-350
5 YCNP-100 100 95%-99.999% 6-350
6 YCNP-150 150 95%-99.999% 6-350
7 YCNP-200 200 95%-99.999% 6-350
8 YCNP-300 300 95%-99.999% 6-350
9 YCNP-500 500 95%-99.999% 6-350
10 YCNP-1000 1000 95%-99.999% 6-350
11 YCNP-1500 1500 95%-99.999% 6-350
12 YCNP-2000 2000 95%-99.999% 6-350
13 YCNP-3000 3000 95%-99.999% 6-350
14 YCNP-5000 5000 95%-99.999% 6-350

* Nitrogen purity can be up to 99.9999% if required.
* Dew point is of -40°C normally or lower up to -70°C as per customer requirements.

Oil-Free Auto Operation Nitrogen MachinePSA means Pressure Swing Adsorption. This On Site PSA nitrogen generator is based on following working principle.
Compressed air through filtration and purification to remove remnant water, oil, dust, and then enters adsorption vessel filled with molecular Sieve. Oxygen is absorbed by sieve and desired nitrogen passes to output as product as .
Oil-Free Auto Operation Nitrogen MachineOil-Free Auto Operation Nitrogen MachineFirstly we take full responsibility for what we have sold. It will our solution for any problem through ourselves or partners.

Secondly It is difficult for a user to select a qualified and reliable supplier among numerous suppliers. It is quite terrible for user to choose a poor manufacturer to work with!

YOUCHI is a specialist in gas equipment area as agents of reliable manufacturers. The bridge jobs of better communications and coordinations between manufacturers and customers are always done by us.

Thirdly generally we have fine agency prices, and provide better services attaching more importance to customers before and after sales process.

Integrity, seriousness, responsibility are our core values. We treat each business seriously and provide full services all along.
Oil-Free Auto Operation Nitrogen MachineOil-Free Auto Operation Nitrogen MachineWhat are the maintenance cost of each gas machine?
Different types have different components and maintenance cost. For the same type different sizes and performances are also different.
Take PSA oxygen generators for example, the maintenance parts mainly include air compressors, filters, and oxygen compressors if any.

What happens if maintenance is not done well?
Firstly if overly water, oil vapor, dust enter some parts absorbent like molecular sieve, these parts shall have to replaced completely. Subsequently this will affect performances of machines.
So regular maintenance is an important work to do, like replacing filter elements every 2,000 -4,000 hours.
Which method and type are the most economical?
It depends on how much gas required and its quality requirements. Different types have their advantages.

What are the utility requirements for a system?
Generally electricity power is required by each system, and some requires cooling water also. The power consumption varies from small to big sizes. For unit power consumption, normally the bigger size the less unit power consumption.

What output pressure can gas plant produce?
Different type has different normal pressures from 0.5 to 20bar. With compressor added any desired pressures are available.
For example PSA nitrogen generator gets 1-8bar, or 150bar with added nitrogen compressor.

What purity oxygen & nitrogen plant can achieve?
O2 range: 90%-99.9%.
N2 range: 95%-99.9999%

Can flow and purity be changed?
Yes available. By touching screen all parameters are regulated.

Is it dangerous for filling high pressure oxygen bottles?
Following the manual and notice to do operation is safe. Very rare there are blast for filling cylinders, unless wrong operations or poor quality of high pressure parts.

Can our local manufacture standards be followed?
Generally available. We can design and manufacture as per your country’s law or regulation, like US standards ASME, CE standards PED etc.

Can the system be monitored and controlled by PC and mobile phone ?
Yes available. Complete monitoring of working parameters like flow, purity and alarms/reminders are within our capability. We have cloud monitoring to utilize cloud technology for the system.

Are onsite services available ?
Yes it is. Engineers can be sent to customers site for installation, startup, commissioning, training. Service charge USD150/day excluding travel cost.

How long to finish installation ?
Different types have different time. PSA unit takes normally 3-7 days to finish installation, startup, commissioning, training.
Cryogenic unit takes longer time, generally a month.
It also has to do with site preparation conditions and workers proficiency.

What is your payment term accepted?
20-30% down payment, balance done before or after shipment or by irrevocable L/C.

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