Product Details

Model NO. HY series
Centrifuge Type Decanter Centrifuge
Pressure Medium Pressure
Condition New
Transport Package Wooden Case
Specification HY80 HY120
HS Code 8421192000
Production Capacity 5sets/Month

mini honey avocado oil decanter centrifuge machine in south africa

Product Description

Mini Honey Avocado Oil Decanter Centrifuge MachineBLOVEBIRD Laboratory Lab decanter centrifuges were developed specifically as two-phase decanter centrifuges for use in laboratories and pilot plants to enable small quantities of products to be processed at rates of between 1L/h to 200L/h in a continuous separation operation. The maximum throughput or feed rate depends on the separation characteristics of the specific products.

Product Description

Mini Honey Avocado Oil Decanter Centrifuge MachineThe minimum throughputs of industrial decanter centrifuges are generally far greater than the throughputs required for the quantities of products available in research laboratories. In the past, the processing stage of continuous separation therefore frequently had to be simulated with alternative batch-wise separation methods.

 The laboratory decanters are used for solid-liquid separation, their principal application being the separation of liquid-based suspensions of organic and inorganic solids.

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Mini Honey Avocado Oil Decanter Centrifuge Machine

Mini Honey Avocado Oil Decanter Centrifuge MachineMini Honey Avocado Oil Decanter Centrifuge MachineMini Honey Avocado Oil Decanter Centrifuge MachineMini Honey Avocado Oil Decanter Centrifuge Machine 


BLOVEBIRD decanter centrifuges are typically used in the

1, Food and fermentation industries2, Chemical and pharmaceutical industries3, Biotechnology4, Bioenergy
Mini Honey Avocado Oil Decanter Centrifuge Machine

Working Principle

Mini Honey Avocado Oil Decanter Centrifuge MachineThe working principle of the decanter centrifuge is elementary. It has been known to the public for a century. The drum and spiral are supported by separate suspensions. The material enters through the inlet pipe and accelerates into the core drum body through the drum.

Separation process: The core part consists of a cylindrical and conical rotating bucket. The force of the centrifuge makes the solid material deposit on the wall of the rotating drum.

Solid discharge: The spiral body and the rotating drum have the same shape and angle, and the speed is slightly faster than that of the rotating drum so that the separated solid is pushed to the narrow cone end and discharged from the rotating drum. The degree of substantial dehydration depends on many factors. In addition to the material itself, it also depends on the separation time of the solid in the centrifuge and the tight cone angle of the conveying solid. In addition, the differential speed between the screw and the drum is also an important factor.

Draining: A chuck for adjusting the depth of the liquid level is installed at the bottom of the drum. The clarified liquid flows along with the spiral cylinder to the bottom and then is collected in the liquid hopper and discharged from the machine. The depth of the clear liquid in the drum can be changed by changing To adjust the liquid stopper.

Technical Parameters

Model HY60 HY80 HY120
Drum diameter 60mm 80mm 120mm
Dia. of feeding pipe 14mm 24mm 36mm
Speed 10000r/min 8000r/min 7000r/min
Capacity 1-25L/H 5-100L/H 50-500L/H
L/D 3.75 3.85 3.85
Motor power 1.5KW 4KW 7.5KW
Max. separation factor 3300 4400 4400
Weight 150kg 350kg 750kg
Oversize 650*400*500mm 950*650*550mm 1150*750*650mm

Why Choose Blovebird

Mini Honey Avocado Oil Decanter Centrifuge Machine

Mini Honey Avocado Oil Decanter Centrifuge Machine

Mini Honey Avocado Oil Decanter Centrifuge Machine


Q: What kind of products do you have?

A: Industrial centrifuges like screen scroll centrifuges(LWL), decanter centrifuges(LW), pusher centrifuges(HR), peeler centrifuges, top discharge centrifuges, etc. Q: How do you control the quality?A: To ensure the accuracy of each part, we are equipped with a variety of professional equipment, and we have accumulated professional processing methods over the past years.Each component before assembly needs strict control by inspecting personnel. After all the equipment is completed, we will conduct a trial run before shipment to ensure the customers’ workshop’s stable running. Q: What terms of payment does your company accept
A: Most payment methods are accepted, however, we mainly accept T/T, L/C at sight Q: How long is your warranty period?
Our officially promised warranty time is 12 months after machine’s commissioning. Q: The after-sale service of Hemho
A: After finishing the production, we will test the machine, take photos, videos and send them to customers via email or other instant messenger.After the commissioning in our factory, we will package the equipment by standard export package for shipment.Engineers, sales managers and after-sales service manager will form a aflter-sale team, to follow the customers’ projects.

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