Product Details

Model NO. JTTJ3612/2
Dimension(M) 11*2.0*2.8-14.0*4.2*5.5
Power(Kw) 40-230
Voltage 380V
Host Rpm (Revolutions Per Minute) 2-5
Material Stainless Steel, Refractory
Raw Material Wood Sawdust, Rice Husk, Crops Straw, Jute Sticks
Usage Making Charcoal
Feeding Way Automatic Frequency Conversion Feeding
Equipped with Cooling Discharging Machine
Control Cabinet PLC Automatic Control Cabinet
Production Status with Carbonized Color Display
Transport Package Container
Production Capacity 500 Sets/Year

low price oil palm shell continuous charcoal making machine in lesotho

Product Description

Continuous Carbonization Furnace

Product Description

 Environmentally-friendly drum continuous carbonation machine uses the carbonized flue gas purification into combustible gas generated in combustion itself. it can continuous product 24 hours. It has the advantages of zero pollution, zero-emission, saving labor, high capacity, energy-saving consumption, the high degree of automation, and advanced technology. Which is suitable for large-scale production, with high carbonation rate, high carbon production rate, energy saving, environmental protection, and high-efficiency advantages.

The carbonization machine adopts the advanced technology of recovery, purification and circulating combustion of carbon monoxide, methane, ethane and other combustible gases produced in the process of carbonization. It solves the problem of environmental pollution caused by thick smoke which produced by ordinary carbonization furnace in the carbonization project, and solves the heat energy problem required by the equipment, fully realizes self-sufficiency, and improves the continuity and economy of the equipment We should make full use of the agricultural and forestry residues to turn waste into treasure and contribute to the greening environment.

Low Price Oil Palm Shell Continuous Charcoal Making Machine

Working Principle

     First ignited the biomass in the gasifier, the flue gas produced by burning after spraying, cooling, purification process, the combustible gas into pure (carbon monoxide, methane, ethane, etc.), as the early stage of the carbonization of heat source, to early warming carbonizer, began after feeding coking reach the set temperature. The carbonation process of flue gas by spraying, cooling, purification process, make the secondary on the combustible gas generated during the combustion. According to such methods of circulation, the use of autologous flue gas combustion self, in order to achieve the effect of energy-saving. And the process of flue gas after purification treatment, production environment without flue gas emissions, environmental protection, and reached to the standards for waste gas emptying. Production in the process of carbonation temperature can reach 600 ºC to 900 ºC, according to the material characteristics, the temperature can be adjusted according to need.

 Matching Products:flue gas purification, heat exchange system, and cooling system, feeding machine, carbonization host, cooling discharging machine, PLC automatic control cabinet

Low Price Oil Palm Shell Continuous Charcoal Making Machine


This machine is suitable for all kinds of powder particles biomass carbonization forestry agriculture. Such as sawdust, wood chip, bamboo, coconut shell, cherry shell, jujube, walnut shell, apricot shell shell shell, peanut shell, rice husk, cotton stalk, straw, the bean curd, etc.

Low Price Oil Palm Shell Continuous Charcoal Making Machine

End Products
Low Price Oil Palm Shell Continuous Charcoal Making Machine

Device Configuration

1. configuration the early stage of the new type gasifier gasification;
2. configuration of flue gas purification, heat exchange system, cooling system, heat steam into water, flue gas can be converted to gas recycling;
3. configuration frequency conversion feeding machine, automatic feeding, feeding speed is adjustable;
4. configuration rotary carbonation host, meet the production requirements;
5. configuration cooling discharging machine cooling products, output, product;
6. configuration control cabinet, temperature, speed regulation, drum PLC automatic control cabinet, the equipment for carbonized color display, production status should be clear;


Product Parameters


  Other Related Wood Charcoal Making Carbonization Furnace Specification:

Model Capacity(kg/h) Power(kw) Dimension(m) Inner Layer Diameter(mm) Outer Layer Diameter(mm) Drum Length(m)
JTTJ1610/2 600-800 40-50 11*2.0*2.8 1000 1600 10
JTTJ1810/2 700-1000 50-70 11*2.2*3.0 1200 1800 10
JTTJ2010/2 1100-1300 70-80 11*2.5*3.3 1400 2000 10
JTTJ2312/2 1500-2000 90-110 13.5*2.8*3.6 1600 2300 12
JTTJ2512/2 2200-2500 110-130 13.5*3.0*4.0 1800 2500 12
JTTJ2912/2 2700-3000 130-150 13.5*3.5*4.5 2200 2900 12
JTTJ3212/2 3300-3800 160-180 14.0*3.8*5.0 2500 3200 12
JTTJ3612/2 4000-4500 200-230 14.0*4.2*5.5 2900 3600 12

After Sales Service


Low Price Oil Palm Shell Continuous Charcoal Making Machine


Q1. What is the MOQ? 

1 set.

Q2Can I have different models at different prices
Yes. There are different models according to different raw materials and different capacities.

Q3Which areas do you serve? 
We have a very big market local market, at the same time, we have exported our carbonization furnace all over the world, including Europe, Africa, Middle-East, Asia, North America South America and so on, total more than 30 countries in the world. 

Q4. How long is the quality guarantee
One year.

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Zhengzhou Jiutian Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive enterprise with research, design, manufacture, sales, and service in the drying industry. The company has 8 series of equipment such as dehydration series, drying series, carbonization series, crushing series, granulation series, conveying series, environmental protection series, and electronic control equipment, and has more than 150 kinds of high-tech products.

More than 300 customers from Southeast Asia, Central Asia, Eastern Europe, Africa, and South America came to our company for smooth communication. Most of our customers are very satisfied with the solutions and services we provide.

Low Price Oil Palm Shell Continuous Charcoal Making Machine
Low Price Oil Palm Shell Continuous Charcoal Making MachineLow Price Oil Palm Shell Continuous Charcoal Making Machine
Low Price Oil Palm Shell Continuous Charcoal Making Machine
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