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Model NO. HT-60
Condition New
Customized Customized
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Specification 42000*12000*15000mm
HS Code 84792000
Production Capacity 50sets/Month

huatai mustard seed oil press machine making oil machinery in tanzania

Product Description

Brife Introduction of Huatai Cereals and Oils Machinery Co.,Ltd
Our belief is "Seiko Winning". Henan Huatai Factory covers an area of 100,000m2, of which the workshop covers an area of over 21600 m2. The headquarters is equipped with 8 standard production workshops, 2 machining workshops and 12 engineering installations. Huatai Machinery has 120 sets of various production and processing equipment, including more than 80 lathes, planers, milling machines and drilling machines, more than 10 sets of shearing equipment, 6 automatic welding machines for submerged arc welding, DC weld   ing machines and AC welding machines. Multiple units are also equipped with various auxiliary equipment and testing equipment. Welcome to visit our factory! 

Huatai Mustard Seed Oil Press Machine Making Oil Machinery

Huatai Products list 

  1. 30~1000T/D rice bran expanding pretreatment process,solvent extracting processing equipment
  2. 30~600T/D Rice bran First-grade oil refining equipment
  3. Series rice bran molecular distillation refining primary oil complete equipment
  4. 30~5000T/D Oil pretreatment, pre-pressing, leaching equipment
  5. 50~1200T/D Various cooking oil refining equipment
  6. 10~2000T/D Corn deep processing equipment
  7. 10~1200T/D Palm oil, cottonseed oil refining and separation equipment
  8. 30~1000T/D Biodiesel equipment
  9. Rice bran oil, cottonseed oil mixed oil refining equipment

Pretreatment Processing Flow Chart
Our engineer will design the processing according to customer’s raw material condition and capacity, then adjust some machines to make the production line more suitable. 
Huatai Mustard Seed Oil Press Machine Making Oil Machinery

Remove stone, rocks and pebbles from oilseeds, thus to prevent the stone from damaging the machine
Huatai Mustard Seed Oil Press Machine Making Oil Machinery

Flaking machine 
We adopts paired roller hydraulic flaking machine, the soybeans are pressed into flakes whose thickness is about 0.30-0.35 mm. In the process of flaking, the cell wall of the soybean is damaged under the action of squeezing and rubbing, releasing the oil which is contained in the cell and pressing it into thin slices to shorten the oil flowing path to take the oil out easily during extraction. However, the flakes is not thin as possible. If it is too thin, the powder degree of flakes will increase, and the residue content in oil will be high. The rolls are made of nichrome alloy with long service life and low failure rate.

Huatai Mustard Seed Oil Press Machine Making Oil Machinery

Cooker is commonly used to adjust the temperature and moisture of raw material , to make it easy to press oil out. 
Huatai Mustard Seed Oil Press Machine Making Oil Machinery

Oil press
sometimes, there are small cookers above the  press, that used to keep the temperature of the raw material, thus can save steam and power consumtion. Oil press, which is high efficiency and work stable, pressing chamber is the core of the press, we use thickened and abrasion resistant material, thus can prolong the service life and reduce the failure rate.

Oil extraction process of mustard oil making
Huatai Mustard Seed Oil Press Machine Making Oil Machinery

Mustard oil plant built
Huatai Mustard Seed Oil Press Machine Making Oil Machinery
Huatai Mustard Seed Oil Press Machine Making Oil Machinery
Material requirement :
Oil content:45%~55%
Moisture content: 9%~11%
Impurity content: ≤ 1.5%

Oversea projects

No. Country Project Nam
1 Australia 150T/D Vacuum Drying Equipment
2 Australia 100T/D High Material Layer Desolventizer
3 Bangladesh 30T/D Rice Bran Making Oil Project
4 Bangladesh 100T/D Rice Bran Making Oil Project
5 Bangladesh 30TPD Sunflower Seed, Mustard Seed Making Oil Project,30T/D Fully Continuous Oil Refining Project
6 Banglades 15T/D Rapeseed Oil Refining Project
7 Bolivia 60T/D Soybean Oil Refining Project
8 Cambodia 30T/D Rice Bran Making Oil Project
9 Cameroon 5T/D Palm Oil Stirring Tank
10 Congo 0.5T/H Palm Oil Making Soap Project
11 Congo 400T/D Peanut Making Oil Project
12 Congo 15T/H Palm Fruit Pressing, 10T/H Palm Oil Refining and Fractionation Project
13 Congo 5T/H Palm Fruit Pressing, 5T/D Palm Oil Refining Project
14 Djibouti 2T/D Sunflower Oil Dewaxing Machine
15 Ethiopia 50T/D Soybean Oil Refining Project
16 Ethiopia 100T/D Corn Processing Project
17 Ethiopia 15T/D Peanut and Sunflower Seeds Pressing,5T/D Oil Refining Project
18 Ethiopia 5T/D Crude Oil Refinery Project
19 Ethiopia 250T/D Flax Seed Oil Making Project
20 Ethiopia 50T/D Soybean/Peanut oil press and 30T/D Oil Refining Project
21 Ethiopia 15T/DSoybean/Peanut oil press and 10T/D Oil Refining Project
22 Ethiopia 200T/D Palm oil Deacidification &Deodorization,100T/D Palm Oil Fractionation Project
23 Ethiopia 50T/D Sunflower/Cotton Seed,Sesame Oil Press and 20T/D Oil Refining Project
24 Egypt 100T/D Soybean Pretreatment and Extraction Project
25 Egypt 20T/D Soybean Oil Refining Project
26 Egypt 10T/D Cottonseed Oil Refining Project
27 Estonia 10T/D Biodiesel Distillation Project
28 Ghana 20T/D Corn Flour Production Line Project
29 Indonesia 20T/D Coconut Oil Pressing,10T/D Oil Refining Project
30 Indonesi 3T/D Fragrant Sesame Oil Project
31 Indonesi 3T/D Oil Refining Machine
32 Indonesia 20T/D Maize germ oil pressing and 5T/D oil refining project
33 Kazakhsta 3T/D High-class Cooking Oil Refining Project
34 Kazakhsta 120T/D Sunflower Seed Prepressing, Extraction and Refining Project
35 Kazakhsta 50T/D Safflower Oil Processing Project
36 Kazakhsta 100T/D Soybean Pretreatment ,Oil Press Project
37 Kenya 3T/D Pyrethrin Extraction Project
38 Malaw 2T/D Oil Refining Machine
39 Moldov 3T/D Sunflower Oil Refining&dewaxing  Machine
40 Myanma 3T/D Cottonseed Oil Refining Machine
41 Myanmar 5T/D Oil Refining Project
42 Nigeria 5T/H Palm Fruit and Kernel Pressing Project
43 Nigeria 20T/D Palm Oil Refining and Fractionation Project
44 Nigeria 50T/D Peanut Pressing, 15T/D Peanut Oil Refining Project
45 Nigeria 40T/D Cotton Seed Oil Processing and 15T/D Oil Refining Project
46 Nigeria 60T/D Soybean,Peanut,Shea nut Oil Press ,25T/D Oil Refining Project
47 Peru 50T/D Cotton Seed Palm Oil Refining Project
48 Peru 50T/D Palm Oil Refining and Fractionation Project
49 Peru 150T/D Soybean/Palm/Sunflower Oil Refining Project
50 Russia 50T/D Soybean Pretreatment, 50T/D Solvent Extraction and 10T/D Soybean Oil Project
51 Russia 10T/D Rapeseed Oil Pressing Project
52 Russia 10T/D Sunflower/Rapeseed Oil Pressing and 3T/D Oil Refining Project
53 Rwand 10T/D Palm Oil Refining Project
54 Solomon Island 3T/D Coconut Oil Deacidification & Deodorization Project
55 Sri Lank 30T/D Chicken Oil Pressing, 20T/D Chicken Oil Refining Project
56 Sri Lank 5T/D Fish Oil Refining Project
57 Sudan 30T/D Peanut Oil Pressing, 15T/D Peanut Oil Refining Project.
58 Swaziland 30T/D Oil Refining Machine
59 Tajikista 50T/D Cottonseed Cake Extraction Project
60 Tajikista 50T/D Cottonseed Pre-pressing Project
61 Tanzania 20T/D Sunflower Seeds Pressing, 5T/D Refining Project
62 Tanzania 10T/D Sunflower Seeds Pressing, 3T/D Refining Project
63 Thailand 10T/H Palm Oil Renovation Project
64 Thailand 45T/H Palm Fruit Sterilization Tank
65 Thailand 2T/D Palm Oil Refining Project
66 The Philippines 30T/D Corn Germ Pressing and Refining Project
67 The Philippines 15T/D Corn Processing Project
68 Turkmenistan 50T/D Sunflower Seed Pretreatment,30T/D Extraction and 20T/D Refining Project
69 Ukraine 30T/D Sunflower cake Extraction Project
70 Ukraine 50T/D Sunflower cake Extraction Project
71 Uzbekistan 80T/D Sunflower Seed Cake Extraction,50T/D Sunflower Oil Refining Project
72 Uzbekistan 50T/D Sunflower Seed,Soybean,Cottonseed Making Oil Project
73 Uzbekistan 100T/D Sunflower Seed Prepressing, Soybean Pretreatment, 100T/D Micro-negative Pressure Extraction and 20T/D Grade 1 Oil Refining Project
74 Uzbekistan 100T/D Sunflower Seed Cake Extraction,30T/D Semi-cotinuous Sunflower Seed Oil Refinery and Dewaxing Project
75 Uzbekistan 100T/D Sunflower Seed Cake Extraction,50T/D Sunflower Seed Oil Refinery Project
76 Uzbekista 30T/D Sunflower Seed Oil Processing 10T/D Oil Refining Project
77 Uzbekistan 100T/D Sunflower Seed Oil Processing 80T/D Extraction Project
78 Uzbekistan 50T/D Sunflower Seed Pre-press, 50T/D Extraction and 30T/D Refining Project
79 Uzbekistan 20T/D Sunflower Cake Extraction,2T/D Sunflower Oil Refinery Project
80 Uzbekistan 40T/D Sunflower and Cottonseed Oil Dewaxing Project
81 Uzbekistan 50T/D Sunflower Seed,soybean  Pre-press, 50T/D Extraction and 20T/D Refining Project
82 Uzbekistan 30T/D Sunflower Seed Pre-press, 20T/D Extraction and 10T/D Refining Project
83 Uzbekistan 100T/D Sunflower Seed Pre-press, 80T/D Extraction and 40T/D Refining and Dewaxing Project
84 Uzbekistan 80T/D Sunflower Cake ,Soybean Flakers Extraction Refining Project

Oversea offices of Henan Huatai 
As of 2019, we have established offices in more than 30 countries, Uzbekistan, nigeria, Bangladesh, Indonisa, Thanland,  Kazakhstan, Peru, Egypt, Kenya, Ethiopia etc.

At present, Huatai Machinery has undertaken more than 20 projects in Uzbekistan, with offices, after-sales service centers and parts warehouses in the capital Tashkent. China Huatai brand is deeply trusted by the local people and has won unanimous favorable comments from customers.
Huatai Mustard Seed Oil Press Machine Making Oil Machinery
Group photo of Uzbekistan office set up

Project Completion and Acceptance List
After each project is installed and commissioned, our engineers will train the buyer’s staff free of charge until they are proficient in operation. And trial production, after the product reaches the contract standard, the two parties will sign the project completion and acceptance list, marking the successful conclusion of this project.

Huatai Mustard Seed Oil Press Machine Making Oil Machinery
Customers visiting 
Customers from over 100 houndred of countries come to visit our company and cooperation with Henan Huatai Cereals and Oils Look forward you jointing.
Huatai Mustard Seed Oil Press Machine Making Oil Machinery

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