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Model NO. Model 300L(150liter x 2)
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Transport Package Wooden Box
Specification 6000mm*4800mm*6000mm
Production Capacity 300 Sets/Year

efficient and no residue oil supercritical co2 extraction machine in tanzania

Product Description

Production Description

What does Careddi Supercritical CO2 Extraction System consist of ?
Careddi Supercritical CO2 Extraction System (Careddi SCFE) is well designed for effective essential oil extraction and easily operation. It is a completely configured system consists of extraction vessels (extractors), separation vessels (separators), Operation front panel, High pressure CO2 Pump, Chilling system, heating system, Pressure regulator valve, Co-solvent pump, CO2 Storage tank, CO2 Recovery pump etc. The users can run the machine to produce essential oils only need to provide with electricity.It is easily appled to operation,and it can be applied to different material.

Efficient and No Residue Oil Supercritical CO2 Extraction Machine
Efficient and No Residue Oil Supercritical CO2 Extraction Machine

Characteristics of the Supercritical CO2 Fulid Equipment:
1. Low critical temperature, suitable for extraction and purification of heat sensitive compound. 

2. Being capable to provide insert environment to avoid oxidation of products and affection of effective content of extracts. 
3. Fast extraction speed, no toxicity, non-flammable, safe application and no pollution upon environment. 
4. No residue of solvent, no nitrate and ions of heavy metal

Supercritical CO2 Applications in Food, Pharmaceutical, Chemical Industries:

(1) Decaffeination of coffee and tea
(2) Extraction of essential oils (vegetable and fish oils)
(3) Extraction of flavors from natural resources (nutraceuticals)
(4) Extraction of ingredients from spices and red peppers
(5) Extraction of fat from food products
(6) Fractionation of polymeric materials
(7) Extraction from natural products
(8) Photo-resist cleaning
(9) Precision part cleaning

Supercrital CO2 Extraction Device:

No Main Configuration  Parameter
1 Extraction Kettle 1L, 2L, 5L/50Mpa, 10L, 24L/40Mpa, 50-200L/32Mpa,
Dual purpose for solid and liquid, equipped with water jacket for circulated heating with adjustable temperature.
2 Separation Kettle 0.3-10L/30Mpa, 50-100L/16-22Mpa,equipped with water jacket for circulated heating with adjustable temperature. 
3 Fine Distillation Column Inner diameter 25X2-3m/30Mpa,35X2-3m/30Mpa, 48X4-6m/30Mpa, 78X4-6m/30Mpa.
According to technological requirement, 4-section, 6-section or 8-section temperature control are available and relative stuffing can be selected and loaded by customer according to technological requirement.
4 High Pressure Pump 20L/40Mpa.h double-plunger, 50L/50Mpa.h double-plunger frequency-modulating, 400L/40Mpa. Three-plunger frequency-modulating, 800l/40Mpa.h three-plunger frequency-modulating, the pump head application.
5 Take Pump In the course of extraction, the entraner is used to change polarities of CO2 so as to extend range of application.
6 Cooling System Equipped with semi-sealed or full-sealed compressor to meet technological requirement.
7 Heat Exchange and Temperature Control System According to technological requirement, the heat exchange and temperature control system are equipped for extraction kettle, separation kettle and fine distillation column respectively to control the temperature of water circulation at -85ºC and the temperature pf oil circulation at -150ºC; the digital display double-screen is used to control the temperature of water bath and to measure the temperature of CO2 fluid with accuracy of temperaure control at ±1ºC.
8 Pressure Control (Protection Equipped with the electro connecting pressure gauge at the outlet of the high pressure pump and set the working prssure to release pressure and make automatic protection in case overpressure occurs; Equipped with safety valves for high pressure pump, extraction kettle, separation kettle, fine distillation column according to their maximum working pressure to release pressure and make automatic protection in case overpressure occurs; equipped with back-pressure valve system at the outlet of the extraction kettle which has stable pressure and is easy to make adjustment. The control accuracy of pressure (dynamic) is ± 0.1MPa.
9 Display of Flow The metal rotor flow meter with remote transferable digital display for instant flow and accumulated flow respectively
10 Pipelines All containers, valves, pipe fittings and pipelines contacting with fluid are all made of stainless steel.
11 Others Three-phase-four-wire power supply with 380V/50Hz and CO2 with foodstuff grade ≥99.5% are prepared by customer itself.

Standard Models

NO Capacity Model Extractors and Separators
1 0.5 L Model 0.5L*1/50Mpa 1 Extraction 2 Separation
2 1 L Model 1L*1/50Mpa 1 Extraction 2 Separation
3 2 L Model 2L*1/50Mpa 1 Extraction 2 Separation
4 5 L Model 5L*1/50Mpa 1 Extraction 2 Separation
5 5 L+1 L Model 5L+1L/50Mpa 2 Extraction 2 Separation
6 10 L  Model 5L*2/50Mpa 2 Extraction 2 Separation
7 20 L Model 10L*2/40Mpa 2 Extraction 2 Separation
8 50 L Model 25L*2/40Mpa 2 Extraction 2 Separation
9 100L-1 Model 25L*4/40Mpa 4 Extraction 2 Separation
10 180L Model 30L*6/40Mpa 6 Extraction 3 Separation
11 100L-2 Model 50L*2/40Mpa 2 Extraction 3 Separation
12 200L Model 50L*4/40Mpa 4 Extraction 3 Separation
13 300L-1 Model 150L*2/40Mpa 2Extraction 3 Separation
14 300L-2 Model 50L*6/40Mpa 6 Extraction 3 Separation
15 150L*4 Model 150L*4/40Mpa 4 Extraction 3 Separation
16 300L*4 Model 300L*4/35Mpa 4 Extraction 3 Separation
17 1000L*2 Model 1000L*2/35Mpa 2 Extraction 3 Separation
18 1500L*2 Model 1500L*2/35Mpa 2 Extraction 3 Separation
19 2000L*2 Model 2000L*2/35Mpa 2 Extraction 3 Separation
20 3000L*2 Model 3000L*2/35Mpa 2 Extraction 3 Separation
21 150L*3 Model 150L*3/35Mpa 3 Extraction 3 Separation
22 300L*3 Model 300L*3/35Mpa 3 Extraction 3 Separation
23 500L*3 Model 500L*3/35Mpa 3 Extraction 3 Separation
24 600L*3 Model 600L*3/35Mpa 3 Extraction 3 Separation
25 1000*3 Model 1000L*3/35Mpa 3 Extraction 3 Separation
26 1500L*3 Model 1500L*3/35Mpa 3 Extraction 3 Separation
27 2000L*3 Model 2000L*3/35Mpa 3 Extraction 3 Separation
28 3000L*3 Model 3000L*3/35Mpa 3 Extraction 3 Separation

Careddi supercritical co2 machines are widely used to extract industrial essential oil for the pharmaceutical industry.It is also widely used in food industry: it can be used to make the extraction of various flavoring agents, such as various spices commonly eaten in southeast Asian countries. Extract ginger oil, lycopene, chilli oil, etc., which often made and Sri Lanka. In addition, also dabbled in the cosmetics industry and health products industry,can be extracted from a variety of essential oil products.It’s wildly used for different material and field.
Efficient and No Residue Oil Supercritical CO2 Extraction Machine

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Efficient and No Residue Oil Supercritical CO2 Extraction MachineEfficient and No Residue Oil Supercritical CO2 Extraction Machine

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Efficient and No Residue Oil Supercritical CO2 Extraction Machine

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Efficient and No Residue Oil Supercritical CO2 Extraction Machine
Q:Is co2 extraction organic?
A:CO2 Botanical Extracts are completely natural and exceptionally pure. These highly concentrated plant extracts are free of solvent residues and impurities such as heavy metals. All CO2 Extracts are oil soluble.
Q:Why is co2 better than ethanol?
A:CO2 is highly tunable. With CO2 you can vary factors such as time, temperature, and pressure to create different products.Ethanol products need to go into more stages of refinement to be turned into various products such as distillate.

Q:Does co2 extraction remove terpenes?
A:CO2 extraction is good for preserving terpenes because it is a cold separation process that can protect delicate plant compounds.Some methods may also use ethanol to help remove terpenes.

Q:Is co2 extraction better?
A:CO2 extraction is also much better for the environment. CO2 gas is natural, so if it escapes into the air during extraction it won’t do any harm. It can also be recycled, making this method much more sustainable. Since the solvent isn’t toxic, people working with this extraction method don’t face any health risks.

Q:Does supercritical co2 extraction kill mold?
A:A major benefit of supercritical co2 extraction is that the process kills any microbial bacteria, mold or mildew on the plant which guarantees the extract will be healthier for consumption. Supercritical co2 extraction is a gold standard when it comes to concentrating terpenes.

Q:How does supercritical co2 extraction work?
A:To perform an extraction, the plant material must be ground and placed into an extraction vessel. CO2 gas undergoes high temperature and pressure. A pump then forces supercritical co2 into the extraction vessel where it meets the plant and breaks the trichomes allowing it to dissolve part of the plant material.

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