Product Details

Model NO. JWC-NK600-EB-SV
Product Specification S, M, L, XL
Automatic Grade Automatic
Certification CE, ISO
Condition New
Diaper Machine Color Ivory White
Machine Direction to Be Defined
Machine Power Source 380V/50Hz
Process Baby Diaper Machine
Usage 98%
Type Baby Diaper Machine
Transport Package Transparent Film for Baby Diaper Machine
Specification S, M, L, XL
HS Code 84418090
Production Capacity 30 Sets

diaper baby ecologic production line machine small machine for the production of hot diaper oil in tanzania

Product Description

Full servo T Shape Ear Elastic Waistband Baby Diaper Machine
Diaper Baby Ecologic Production Line Machine Small Machine for The Production of Hot Diaper Oil
Main technical Parameters

1 Design speed 600pcs/min
2 Stable working speed 500pcs/min
3 Qualified rate
≥ 97%
(exclude the wastage due to the glue applicators and materials splicing joint)
4 Efficiency ≥ 85%
5 installation capacity ≥240KW
7 Electricity 380V ±5%,50HZ
8 Wire Three phases four wires 380V/50Hz  (ground wire) 3X120mm³+1X50mm³+1X25mm³
9 Air pressure ≥0.8Mpa    2.6m³/min
10 Total weight About 78tons
11 Machine size 32×8×5 M(L×W×H)
12 Working space 38×12×8 M (L×W×H)
13 Machine color Rice white ,can be changed by order
14 Product size S,M,L,XL
15 Containers 6X40HQ

Machine main parts brand:

  Name Brand Origin
1 Servo motor Mitsubishi Japan
2 Auto web guider FIFE USA
3 Touchable screen Banner USA
4 PLC controlling system Mitsubishi Japan
5 Sensor Banner USA
6 Safety production Schneider France
8 Cutter raw material M7 USA
9 Gear according to usage BEM/NSK/SKF Germany/Japan/Sweden
10 Timing belt Optibelt or Gates Germany/USA
11 Low voltage electronic Schneider France
13 Temperature controlling system Omron Japan
15 Pressure regulating valve Airtac Chinese Taiwan
16 Pneumatic element Airtac Chinese Taiwan
17 Solenoid valve Airtac Chinese Taiwan
18 Moisture separator Airtac Chinese Taiwan
19 Automatic fault alarm Mitsubishi Japan

Machine Standard Configuration:
1.Machine frame structure and main characters

  1. Reasonably solid square steel frame: Panel 25mm thick, adopt specular paint, 6 surfaces processing, solid cage with 60 * 60mm square steel in module design, the base frame with square tube 120mm  120mm, 18mm thick bottom plate, 4 surface processing also ,widening after gearbox for repair. Spliced type main board by screw, make sure the high efficiency .
  2. Main panel covered with 2mm stainless steel
  3. Whole layout is main machine+ external unwinding machine unit+ back operating platform ,glue applicator on the back operating platform ,cabinet put beneath.
  4. The main air suction bucket is installed with negative pressure display; the air scoop driven wheel is installed with quick fixture to facilitate the removal of the belt; the lower side of the conveyor belt above the material is installed with support plate to prevent the polymer and foreign matters from falling and polluting the lower material (the belt specification is labeled for maintenance) .
  5. The back doors of the machine has sound proof foam
  6. Equip with gantry crane, easy to change the shape cutter unit
  7. The enter distance of all tool unit can be adjusted online by hand wheel

2. Crusher system

3. Fluff forming system

4. SAP feeding system

5. Bottom tissue feeding, roll diameter φ800mm

6. Upper tissue, roll diameter φ800mm

7. Fluff core wrapped by upper and bottom tissue, also can be wrapped by one whole piece tissue

8. ADL feeding, roll diameter φ800mm

9. Fluff core inner cut device 1 set,adopt frame type structure, increase the cutter life

10. Leak cuff unit

11. Hydrophilic nonwoven supply, roll diameterφ800mm

12. Side tape supply:

13. Elastic ear material supply unit

14. Frontal ear material supply

15. Three pieces complex, two sides fixing unit, adhesion pressing

16. Bottom film supply

17. Frontal tape supply:

  1. Surface layer, absorption core, bottom film pressing

19. One set products cutting unit
20.1set pressing unit(Y shape roller360)
21. Product vertical tri-fold
22. 1 set pressing unit(Y shape roller 200)
23. Transmission unit
24. 1 set final cut unit
25. Horizontal fold transmission unit
26. 2 set horizontal fold unit
27. Product transmission unit
28. Auto rejection exit (pneumatic)
29. Horizontal stacker transmission
Servo driving horizontal stacker adopts double pusher and double exits. It press 25% and speed is 35-40bags/minute. Each push pieces range is 12-36pieces/push. (Normally 12-18pcs)
Note: the stacker is not included into the main machine. Customer needs to choose it or other packing ways
Note: the stacker is not included into the main machine. Customer needs to choose it or other packing ways

30. Driving system

  1. Adopt several servo motors for transmission controlling, main raw materials unwinding driven by frequency control, to guarantee the precision and stability of the machine in high speed, and can realize not change any transmission parts to change the product’s size, can directly set on PLC, easy to operate and maintain
  2. All cutter racks adopt with CNC processing, guarantee the precision of bade and prolong the cutter’s lifetime
  3. Cutter adopts servo planetary reducer+ universal joint coupler transmission
  4. Stressed timing belt is widen

31. Air supply

  1. Vacuum, drum former, dust and wastage collection during production process adopt with several sets air pump and positive pressure blower
  2. Air supply is set on the top of machine, made by stainless steel drawing tube, reduce the static electricity, high pressure blower unified air supply, pressure can be adjusted
  3. Wastage pipe made by PVC material, each 2 meters has transparent pipe for observing
  4. There are two gas supply lines, one is a pressure-holding line for the cylinder and solenoid valve, and the other is a pressure-relief line for the glue gun and waste discharge, without interference.
  5. Air tube is set on the top of machine, unified conveyed by galvanized pipe, connect necessary distributing pipe at the nearest place, neatly arrangement

Raw materials

Material style
Fluff pulp 685g/m2
hydrophilic  non-woven as top sheet 18g/ m2
SMS leak cuff nonwoven 15g/ m2
top sheet tissue paper virgin tissue 15g/ m2
bottom sheet tissue paper virgin tissue 15g/ m2
back sheet PE film 31g/m2, 24g/ m2
Frontal tape  
Side tape  
leak cuff and leak cuff elastic ribbon 720D
Elastic nonwoven material for making ear  
hot melt adhesive -elastic  
hot melt adhesive- construction  
If customer need, we can order the packing bag for them  


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