Product Details

Model NO. YZLXQ10-6/8/9
Application Beans, Cooking Oil Machine
Appearance Horizontal
Press Materials Sunflower Seeds,Peanut, Soybean
Condition New
Customized Customized
Processing Capacity 4.5ton Per 24 Hours
Size 1890*1520*1915mm
Driving Force Electricity or Diesel Engine
Press Method Hot or Cold Press
Oil Press Power 11kw
Oil Content of Dry Cake < 7.8%
Weight 1075kg
Spiral Axes Rotate Speed 32-44r/Min
Advantage Press Ability Is Stronger, Oil Yield Is Higher
Transport Package Wood Box
Specification SGS, ISO, BV, CQC
HS Code 8479200000
Production Capacity 400PCS Per Month

compeitive price high quality intelligent peanut soybean sunflower oil machine in tanzania


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Suitable oil seeds

Guangxin Brand spiral oil press made by our company is suitable for squeezing many kinds of vegetable oil, such as rapeseeds, cotton seeds, soybean, shelled peanut, flax seeds, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, corn germ, palm kernel, etc. 



Processing Capacity 4.5t/24h
Processing Capacity 187.5kg/hour

Power required


The power for Filtration


Temperature Control Power


Revolving speed of spiral axis (r/min)


Transmission type

Triangle belt Transmission

Measurement (mm)

1890 x 1520 x 1915

Weight (kg)


Compeitive Price High Quality Intelligent Peanut Soybean Sunflower Oil Machine
Applicable oil producing business 

1. Small or medium oil refinery use it on oil production line. 2. Personal users use it in farmer’s market, either to make oil to sell or for clients with supplied material and earn the processing fee. Client could see how the oil being extracted from the machine, so trust the oil quality. This type of business is very popular in developping and undevelopping countries. 
Compeitive Price High Quality Intelligent Peanut Soybean Sunflower Oil Machine
Compeitive Price High Quality Intelligent Peanut Soybean Sunflower Oil Machine
Guangxin Single Oil Press Machine

Model Processing Capacity (t/24h) Motor Power (kw) Weight (kg) Measurement(mm)(L*W*H) Oil Content of Dry cakes (%) Spiral Axes Rotate Speed (r/min)
YZYX70 1.3 4 195 1180*405*1120 ≤7.8 33-42
YZYX90 3 5.5 285 1250*550*1140 ≤7.8 32-42
YZYX10(95) 3.5-4 7.5 or 11 528 1650*730*1340 ≤7.8 32-40
YZYX10-6/8/9 4.5 11 590 1760*730*1340 ≤7.8 32-40
YZYX10J-2 4.5 11 600 1770*730*1340 ≤6.0 32-40
YZYX120 6.5 11 or 15 680 1860*740*1275 ≤7.0 28-40
YZYX130 8 15 or 18.5 825 2020*742*1420 ≤7.6 32-40
YZYX140 9-11 18.5 or 22 806 2010*750*1430 ≤7.6 32-40
YZYX120J 7 11 or 15 718 2110*780*1350 ≤6.0 35-40
YZYX130GX 8-10 18.5 998 2100*820*1400 ≤7.8 30-40
YZYX140GX 9-11 18.5 or 22 1000 2150*820*1420 ≤7.8 30-40
YZYX140CJ 9-11 22 980 2220*750*1420 ≤7.8 32-40
YZYX140CJGX 9-11 22 1100 2300*820*1420 ≤7.8 30-40
YZYX168 20 37 or 45 1820 2750*1100*1830 ≤7.4 36-44

Our series YZLXQ10-6/8/9 spiral oil press is suitable for squeezing vegetable oil from rapeseed, cottonseed, soybean, shelled peanut, flax seed, tung oil seed, sunflower seed and palm kernel, etc.


Compeitive Price High Quality Intelligent Peanut Soybean Sunflower Oil Machine

The product has characteristics of small investment, high capacity, strong compatibility and high efficiency. It is widely used in small oil refinery and rural enterprise.

Compeitive Price High Quality Intelligent Peanut Soybean Sunflower Oil Machine

Main Features: 

Compared with other manufacturers, our product shared with the below main advantages:

1. High efficiency!! Residual oil of the cake is less than 7.8%

2. Low cost!! Our machine have more favorable price compared with our competitors

3. Easy operation!! Our machines are easy to be operated, we also provide thoroughly operation manual in English and Chinese for your reference.

4. Long durability!! Squeezing loop and squeezing spiral are conducted heat treatment  as carburizing and quenching.The lifetime of our machines reach over 10 years, plus, we produce almost all the parts of the machines in our own plant, so the wearing parts and spare parts are available all year round, which solve your after-service concerns.

Compeitive Price High Quality Intelligent Peanut Soybean Sunflower Oil Machine  Compeitive Price High Quality Intelligent Peanut Soybean Sunflower Oil Machine 


1. Delivery time.
—20~30 days after order confirmation. We need time to prepare machine according to exporting standard, wear-in, making wooden box, fumigation and suitable ship arrangement from forwarder.

2. If I don’t know how to operate this machine? how can I do?
—-Our machine has been tested OK and fully assembled before shipping, customer just needs to make2~4 hours wear-in and then can work.

3. What’s wear-in for new machine?
—- use 10 KG oil cake + 1KG sand + 1KG water, mix them, put in oil press, wear in 3~4hs.
1st hour, adjust oil cake thickness as 3mm.
2nd hour, adjust oil cake thickness as 2.5mm.
3rd hour, adjust oil cake thickness as mm.

4. What are cold press and hot press?
—-Cold press is pressing dry and raw seeds. Usually need to press 2 times to get maximum oil.
—-Hot press is pressing roasted seeds. Usually only press 1 time to get maximum oil. peanuts roast to 125~130 degree with 1~2% moisture. (We produce seeds roaster heated by economical fuel.

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