Product Details

Model NO. 1600G
Filling Principle Vacuum
Packaging Container Lifting Structure Pneumatic Lifting
Structure Linear
Packaging Bottle
Packaging Material Tinplate/Aluminum
Easy Mobility Mobile Wheels Attached
Function Integration Vacuuming, Crimping ,Gas Filling
Intelligent Control Equipped with PLC Panel
Accuracy <=1%
Safety Pneumatic-Drived
Certificate CE
Transport Package Wooden Box Packing
Specification 1200*800*1800mm
HS Code 8422303090
Production Capacity 50 Sets/Month

bov aerosol filling machine for olive oil spray in south africa

Product Description

                       Semi-Automatic Bag on Valve Aerosol Filling Machine-1600G(with 1/2 liquid fillers)

Why use Bag-On-Valve BOV Aerosol Filling Equipment

The finished aerosol product with bag on valve technology has better spray effect, mainly reflected in the wider spray range, the spray molecular weight is more even and finer, and it is easier to be absorbed.

No Limited Substances.

The gas and the material in the traditional aerosol spray technology must be mixed, so the choice of the substances is limited. The gas and substances in the bag on valve packaging technology are separated, there would be no limit for the used material.

Better Safety.

The most commonly used gas in traditional aerosol spray packaging is propane, which is very easy to explosive in high temperature or high pressure environment. Therefore, the traditional aerosol spray packing can not be taken on the plane. The gas in the bag on valve package is usually nitrogen or compressed air, these kind of gases are safe.

More Environmentally Friendly.

The gas and material of the bag on valve package are separated. The material is filled into an vacuum bag, but the compressed air is filled between the bag and the cans. The compressed air squeeze the bag to spray the material, thereby avoiding pollution caused by direct contact. The whole filling process are finished in the aseptic workshop, and the whole process guarantees aseptic operation.

Machine Description:

1. Rotary Cans Feeding  Machine.
It consists of machine shelf, electrical anti-explosion motor, speed reducer, conveyor belt, cans entering tray, lead export pack, stainless steel ordering cans board, etc. It is mainly suitable for round or square bottle(canister). It mainly adopts a 0.37KW/380V anti-explosion motor equipped with step-less speed control system in transmission parts.

Loading quantity 100-300 cans
Can size Any size
Voltage AC 240/60HZ( for Canada Power)
Power 0.37kw anti-proof motor
Dimension(L*W*G) 1200 x 1150 x 1200mm
Weight 130kg

2. BOV Filling Machine Machine.

This bag on valve filling machine is designed in one working table. It has 1 gas filling & crimping head, and 2 liquid filling heads. The raw material will be filled into the inside bag of the can, and it is entirely separated from can body, which prevents the trouble of the can leakage due to raw material corrosion. It is widely used for pharmaceutical, personal-care, fire fighting and daily chemicals. It is usually used for filling water-based aerosols, disinfect, fire extinguishing agent, pepper spray, shave foam, cosmetic spray, photocatalyst with BOV packages.

3. Cans Collection Table.

Features & Advantages

  1. Grantry frame structure dramatically stablizes the gas filling & crimping head, ensures 100% crimping qualification
  2. PLC system with a touch screen display to intelligently operate the machine
  3. Filling gas pressure real-time detecting system to display the filled gas pressure, allowing operator to observe directly and conveniently
  4. Crimping shut down automatically if no gas pressure, avoiding unqualified products and saving package cost
  5. No liquid content remains in the valve cup after filling finished
  6. Hygiene Silicone pipe used especially for food and pharma products
  7. Acrylic safety shield attached to liquid filling head, protecting operator from risk
  8. Liquid filling volume and gas filling volume adjustable


Production Rate(Single head) 12 bottles/ Min 120g filling volume
15-18 bottle/Min 70-80g filling volume
Filling Accuracy +-0.1%
Max Air Consumption 1.8M3/Min
Dimension 1240*890*1700MM
Weight 270kg
Propellant Gas N2, Compressed air
Valve 1 inch male and female bag on valve
Applicable Cans Dimension One screw for one diameter bottle
Applicable Cans Height 80-350MM

Filling Procedure:

Bov Aerosol Filling Machine for Olive Oil Spray

Machine Shows: 

Bov Aerosol Filling Machine for Olive Oil SprayBov Aerosol Filling Machine for Olive Oil Spray

1. Cosmetics:Deodorants, lotions, shower gels, shaving gels, shaving foam, facial Moisture spray, sunshine protection Spray
2. Medical: Nasal spray, asthma spray, freeze spray for injury 
3. Food: Cooking oils spray, flavor sprays, food supplement spray 

Company Introduction :
JRPACKING founded in 1995, located in Wuhan, China.  We are specializes in design and manufacturing Aerosol Filling Machine, Liquid Filling Machine and Paste Filling Machine, these filling machines are widely used in the pharmaceutical, chemical, foodstuff, agricultural chemical and cosmetic industries.

We offer solutions that match exactly the customers’ needs during the various links of filling equipment. Relying on science and technology for development, and providing customers with high-tech product is our constant pursuit.We warmly welcome all friends to cooperate with us and create splendid future with us.

We have been in aerosol filling field for more than 20 years, many customers had beneficial from our professional service. With expending products line and increasing productivity by using our aerosol filling machines, all of our customers not only improved their annual sales volume, but also improved their brand effect in their sales marketing.

Our factory has passed the certification of ISO9001 and CE certification standard of EU. All of our products are salable in many countries and regions, such as Asia, Europe, America and Africa etc. JRPACKING has earned abroad reputation with the immediate and perfect day and night after-service provided by senior engineers.

In the past two decades, we have devoted ourselves to research and development of aerosol filling machines. We did a lot of improvements of design and production. There are 8 patents for AEROSOL FILLING MACHINE. All of the aerosol filling machines are operated by pneumatic, no electricity, safe for operators.

Our Service:

1. Quality guarantee: The machine is made of suitable material with new design. The quality, specification and function all meet the demand of contract.

2. Training: Our company offer technical training to customer. The content of training concerns structure and maintenance of equipments and operation of equipments. Training is arranged in the form of on-line video. Qualified technician will guide and establish training course. After training, the technician of buyer could master the operation and maintenance of the machine, they could also master the adjusting the process and treating different failures.

Our Certificates:

Bov Aerosol Filling Machine for Olive Oil Spray


Bov Aerosol Filling Machine for Olive Oil SprayBov Aerosol Filling Machine for Olive Oil SprayBov Aerosol Filling Machine for Olive Oil SprayBov Aerosol Filling Machine for Olive Oil Spray
With our customers:

Bov Aerosol Filling Machine for Olive Oil Spray

Question 1: What does your factory do regarding quality control of machines?

Answer 1: Jrpacking highly concerns the quality of our machines. Factory appoints special personnel responsible for quality control, from the beginning to the end. Before shippment, each machine will be tested and commissioned by special technician,during which we would do video-recording and share with our client. We support on-site inspection of machine before shipment.

Question 2: What’s the warrantty if we purchase from you?

Answer 2: All the equipment ordered from us will be provided with one year warrantty from the delivery date. We would send with machine some spare parts like sealing rings, gaskets, connects and joints for free.

Question 3: What is the afer sale service?

Answer 3: Before shippment, factory would conduct thorough testing and commsioning to ensure that each machine functions well, we would encloure on-site video-recording and share with our client.
We also provide very reliable wooden packing for the machine to ensure safty shippment during transport.
Once you received our machine, company technical team would provide on-line training in terms of installation and operation guide. We could also provide on-site technical support to the customer’s workshop when necessary, like some full-automatic aerosol filling machine lines.  

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