Product Details

Press Materials Soybean
Press Series Second
Condition New
Customized Customized
Capacity 10tpd-500tpd
Section Degumming, Bleaching Deodorization Dewaxing
Showroom Location Viet Nam, Peru, Russia, Thailand, Kenya, Banglades
Advantage Energy Saving
Core Components Pressure Vessel,Pump, PLC, Gear
Certification CE&ISO9001
Video Outgoing-Inspection Provided
Oil Type Sesame Oil, Sunflower Seed Oil, Peanut
Transport Package Bulk
Specification Customized
HS Code 84792000
Production Capacity 10 Sets Per Year

automatic system crude edible oil refining dewaxing production line in tanzania

Automatic System Crude Edible Oil Refining Dewaxing Production Line Oil Refining Process Description
Plant includes neutralization,bleaching, deodorization and vacuum auxiliary sections:
— Neutralization section
Crude oil from tank area is sent to crude oil tank in the workshop by pump, after accurate measurement with mass flow meter
enters crude filter,remove bigger mechanical impurities in the crude oil.After the filtered oil and deodorizing oil are fully exchanged in
the plate heat exchanger,heated by crude oil heater and mixed with phosphoric acid whose concentration is 85% in oil acid mixer, the
addition quantity of phosphoric acid is added at a certain quantity with metering pump according to processing capacity and crude oil
quality. After mixing of oil and acid, enter acidification reaction tank to reduce the content of nonhydratable phospholipid,then enter oil
alkali multi-effect mixer, after good mixing of oil and lye at certain concentration pumped by metering pump, enter neutralization tank,
utilize liquid level automatic control in neutralization tank to adjust the reaction time, oil after reacting in reaction tank is pumped into plate
heat exchanger is heated to about 90ºC, and enters centrifuge to remove soap-stock; alkali refining adopts middle temperature reaction,
high temperature separation, not only reduce saponification of neutral oil, but also improve separation effect of centrifuge and refining yield;
the oil after removing soap-stock with first centrifuge enters oil water multi-effect mixer, which adopts frequency
conversion control, to prevent excessive mixing intensity and oil-water emulsification.Oil after water washing enters the second centrifuge
for centrifugal dehydration, control dehydration temperature at about 90ºC.Dehydrated oil is heated to about 100ºC by plate type heater,
and then enters vacuum dryer for drying and dehydration, drying temperature is adjustable through automatic control, dehydrated oil
enters bleaching pre-mixing tank directly,soap-stock removed from soap-stock removal centrifuge is pumped into outdoor soap-stock
temporary storage tank by soap-stock pump.Water separated by water washing centrifuge enters combined water separation tank,
separated oil is pumped into workshop crude oil tank, separated water is discharged to water seal pool through indoor trench to recycle
residual oil in water.

Automatic System Crude Edible Oil Refining Dewaxing Production Line

— Bleaching section
Exchange heat between neutralized oil and deodorization oil, then heat to 105-115ºC by plate heat exchanger, enters premixing
tank to mix with bleaching clay( 1-3% of oil weight),then overflow into bleaching tower(bleaching temperature and time is adjustable
by automatic control),then it is pumped into two alternating horizontal filters by special oil slurry pump for filtration, filtered oil enters
dewaxing section after polishing filtered.Waste bleaching clay is discharged to waste bleaching clay room.

Automatic System Crude Edible Oil Refining Dewaxing Production Line

–Dewaxing section:
The natural oil is comprised of triglycerides mixture; due to different fatty acid carbon chain length, unsaturation degree, the composition
and position of the double bond, and the distribution of each fatty acid in the triglyceride,there are differences in physical and chemical
properties. Dewaxing is based on the difference in melting point of physical properties and its solubility, the oil is divided into solid and
liquid part at a certain temperature.Dewaxing can improve oil quality, sensory, taste, etc.

Automatic System Crude Edible Oil Refining Dewaxing Production Line

— Deodorization section
Filtered bleaching oil enters deaerator tank directly to remove oxygen in the oil, deoxygenized oil exchange heat with deodorization
oil, and heated by heat conduction oil heater to 250ºC,then oil goes through padding part by the methods of falling film countercurrent
stripping, stripping capacity is high,splash is little, fatty acid can be removed rapidly to avoid hydrolysis happen; oil flows into board
part through pipe, direct steam in board part erupt from oil with the shape of bubble, and contact oil for stripping again, reduce boiling
point of odor matters through high vacuum in the board part, and through distillation of superheated steam to reach deodorization
purpose, and delay for thermal bleaching. Deodorized oil is discharged from the bottom of deodorization tower, this process takes
about 65~80min. Deodorization oil is drawn with shield pump through oil-oil heat exchanger, bleaching oil heat exchanger, crude oil
heater respectively,and finished oil cooler to cool the oil below 40ºC,finally enters finished oil storage tank through polishing filter.

Automatic System Crude Edible Oil Refining Dewaxing Production Line

Vacuum auxiliary section
Drying and bleaching vacuum system adopt condenser and water circulating vacuum pump types,circulating cooling water
which is cooled by frozen water in condenser can be recycled. This system do not use steam,little power consumption, less running
machines, and its convenient for maintenance. .Deodorization vacuum system adopts combined types of steam jet vacuum pump,
condenser and water circulating vacuum pump, steam jet pump adopts 9bar steam, energy-saving, reduce steam consumption,
cooling medium of deodorization vacuum system adopts 25ºC∽28ºC cooling water, cooling water
can be recycled after cooling by cooling tower.

— Process technical feature:

The whole plant adopts waste heat utilization technology. In every section, set energy-saving heat exchanger, finished oil at high
temperature to do heat exchanging with bleaching oil, dry oil and crude oil in turn from high to low according to different process
temperatures, which can make maximum use of waste heat of deodorization finished oil,reduce steam consumption. All steam
condensate water of heating equipment is recycled into hot water tank for reuse. Drying of water washing oil adopts vacuum drying
technology, compare with traditional technology, not only reduce steam consumption,but also prevent oil from contacting air,reduce
oil oxygenation efficiency, keep the maximum inherent nutrition value.When blow bleaching clay,design odor trapping device, use
circulating water cooling to catch odor of blowing steam, remove odor pollution in the decolorization process, meet environmental
requirement.Set self-spraying device in waste bleaching clay room, spray cooling water when discharging cake from filter, ensure
effective cooling of bleaching clay, avoid spontaneous combustion of bleaching clay, play a role safe production.The crystallization 
tank adopts vertical structure internal stirring system,with advantages of long crystallization time, large crystal particles and good
dewaxing effect.The entire workshop is fully automated, and all key control points such as temperature, pressure and liquid level
are displayed on the computer and automatically controlled.           Company information
Our company was estabished in 1950s ,now is one of the big oil equipment supplier .We have our own R&D department
and installation service team with richexperience.We have successfully obtained 27 national patents (7 invention patents),
6 international medals, 2 state awards, 2 provincial prizes. Our main project scope include
–10~5000TPD oilseed pretreatment project
–20~5000TPD solvent extraction project
–10~500TPD oil refining project
–10~500TPD oil fractionation project
–Protein and phospholipid project
–Grain processing project
Typical project
–10~1000TPD rice bran pretreatment & expansion and rice bran oil extraction project
–10~600TPD grade 1 rice bran oil refining project
–150~1000TPD cottonseed protein dephenolization project
–10~100TPH palm oil project
–10~2000TPD corn processing project
–10~500TPD non-acid catalysis biodiesel project
Latest Technology
–Oil deodorization and vacuum energy-saving technology
–Protein concentrate extraction technology
–Miscella refining technology
–Molecular distillation technology
–Extracting sugar from broken rice technology
–Fully-continuous lignite wax extraction technology (the first production line in Asia)

Automatic System Crude Edible Oil Refining Dewaxing Production LinePacking and shipping

Automatic System Crude Edible Oil Refining Dewaxing Production Line

Partical Case


 100TPD Soybean Pretreatment and Soybean Oil Extraction Equipment With Egypt Customer


Henan Huatai 30T Soybean Oil Refining Equipment Sent to Swaziland


 50TPD Peanut pretreatment and 15TPD Peanut Oil Refining Equipment With Nigeria Customer


Henan Huatai Singed 50TPD Soybean Oil Production Line With Russia Customer


 50TPD Fully Continuous Sunflower Oil Refining Equipment With Ethiopia Customers


 50T oilseeds pretreatment and oil extraction and oil refining with Uzbekistan Customer


20T Semi-continuous Palm Oil Physical Refining Equipment With Nigeria Customer


Henan Huatai Palm Oil Physical Deacidification and Deodorization Equipment Sent to Peru

Automatic System Crude Edible Oil Refining Dewaxing Production LineInstallation

Automatic System Crude Edible Oil Refining Dewaxing Production Line
Business scope

Our machines sell well in more than 30 provinces, and exported to Egypt, Sudan, Tanzania, Rwanda,Nigeria,
Estonia,Russia,Kazakhstan,Uzbekistan,Tajikistan,Bangladesh,Thailand,Malaysia,Indonesia, Bolivia,Peru and so on.
Now we have developed into a major oil machinery manufacture base.

Automatic System Crude Edible Oil Refining Dewaxing Production Line


Q:Are you a manufacturer or a trading company?
A:We are a factory with more than 30 years experience.

Q:What is your after-sale service ?
A:Our machine operation video and manual are for your reference. If necessary, we will send engineers to train your workers.

Q:How to ask quotation?
A:Please note us what tpye of raw seeds , and how many tons of raw seeds you want to treat per day, requirement of end oil.
then we will send you quotation as soon as we can.

Q:How to place an order?
A:First send us the enquiry below, including the device name, daily production, work hours, main processing materials, etc.,
then our sales manager will send you the information for your reference.

Q:How long does it take to receive my product?
A:As a general rule, it will take 1-2 Month for us to produce.

Q:Do you offer oversea installation?
A:Yes, we can send professional installation engineer to help you install the equipment, as well as training your workers freely.

Q:Can I visit your factory to check the machines and talk with your engineer?
A;Yes,of course,welcome for coming!!


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