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Production Scope Parts Production Line
Applicable Industry Production Workshop, Automation Equipment
New and Old New
Voltage 220V
Dimensions Custom Made
Features Great Efficiency/Stable

automatic edible oil cap combine machine assembly machine in tanzania

Product Description

Automatic Edible Oil Cap Combine Machine Assembly MachineDescribe

We can make various types of non-standard equipment production lines and automated production lines according to customer needs and drawings. We have independent factory processing workshops, professional production equipment and high-efficiency manual service teams.

Automatic Edible Oil Cap Combine Machine Assembly MachineAutomatic Edible Oil Cap Combine Machine Assembly Machine1. Electronic control: touch screen, PLC control;

2. Gas inlet components: cylinder drive, optical fiber sensor;

3. The vibrator automatically feeds;

collect. The sliding part of the structure is made of high-speed steel, which is stable in wear and has good fixability;

5. Ten-year warranty;

6. Alarm indication;

main feature
1. This series of machines are specially designed and manufactured for the damper assembly industry.

2. Automatic feeding, complete assembly/testing/one-time processing.

3. Automatic detection, automatically start when the material is detected, and stop automatically when the material is lacking.

4. Automatically count and set output.

5. Using touch screen, intuitive interface, simple and safe operation.

6. Abnormal shutdown, automatic alarm when reporting abnormal information.


It can be designed and customized for customers to meet the technical needs of different products to a large extent.Automatic Edible Oil Cap Combine Machine Assembly MachineOur company provides a variety of products to meet your various needs. Since the establishment of the company, we have always adhered to the management principle of "quality first, customer first, reputation-based", and always do our best to meet the potential needs of customers. Since the unstoppable development of economic globalization, our company is sincerely willing to cooperate with enterprises all over the world to achieve a win-win situation.
    We undertake the processing and customization of various parts, mold customization, various tooling design and processing. Our company is equipped with various types of high-precision processing equipment. We have always been high-quality and high-quality as the company’s purpose. We have a mature process Controlled, mature warehousing system, good quality control for customers, welcome to inquire.
Automatic Edible Oil Cap Combine Machine Assembly Machine

Automatic Edible Oil Cap Combine Machine Assembly MachineAutomatic Edible Oil Cap Combine Machine Assembly MachineAutomatic Edible Oil Cap Combine Machine Assembly Machine

Q1:Do you provide warranty service?

  1. Warranty six months warranty after installation, if the spare parts is broken in the warranty period, we will send a free replacement parts as free.

Q2:Can you provide installation services?

  1. Installation and training: we can send 1-2 engineers to install and set up the machine, but all the charges should be paid by buyer.

Q3:How to get a quote?
    1.Please contact us, the price can be negotiated, and the quotation: valid for 60 days.

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