Product Details

Material Automatic Juice Paste Processing Line
Transport Package Standard Ocean Packing
Specification 100 Tons per day
HS Code 8419200000
Production Capacity 1 Set Per 3 Months

automatic coconut paste making factory processing line machinery in south africa

Automatic Coconut Paste Making Factory Processing Line Machinery

Coconuts can be processed in a large variety of products: milk, cream, oil, powder, water, copra, desiccated flakes and more. Particularly, coconut water is becoming every day more popular as an healthy beverage and sport drink, since it contains potassium, vitamins A, B1, B2, B5 and C, while it’s low in calories and cholesterol free.
Chase manufactures machines and complete plants for processing coconut milk, coconut cream and coconut water. We design, manufacture and supply complete Coconut Production Processing Machine including:
– Coconut Water Extraction and Filtration System
– Coconut Milk Extraction System
– Shredded Coconut Drying System
– Coconut Oil Extraction System
– Sterilization and Aseptic Filling System

Automatic Coconut Paste Making Factory Processing Line Machinery
Automatic Coconut Paste Making Factory Processing Line MachineryAutomatic Coconut Paste Making Factory Processing Line Machinery

Coconut Water Extraction and Filtrationd positioned to recover water. Extracted coconut water is fed to a filtration system to remove the fragments of the shell originated by the perforation

Coconuts are perforated an

process. The product is extremely sensitive and should be immediately cooled down to 2-4°C in order to avoid microbiological and chemical changes.

Coconut Milk Extraction

1. Coconuts are deshelled, pared and then routed to a chopper that assures a very fine particle size. The chopped kernel is sent to an extractor where the coconut cream is extracted.
2. Belt Presser is an efficient extraction equipment, which is widely used in the Apple/Pears Processing. The equipment has large squeezing ability and high rate of juice yield, at the same time also is energy-saving, automatic inlet and outlet, high degree of automation, continuous working, strong commonality, sufficient filter, convenient operation and easy maintenance. The juice yield can be as high as 70 ~ 80% (depending on the raw material), which can greatly reduce the production cost and improve the economic benefit for the enterprise.

Coconut Oil Extraction

1. Pretreatment Process of coconut oil extraction machine: Cleaning → crusher → cooking – pre-press → twice pressing → crude oil.2. Coconut oil refining basic process of coconut oil extraction machine: Copra crude oil →filtration →deacidification – degumming →decolorization → finished coconut oil.3. Copra oil extraction production line main include crushing section, steaming and roasting station, oil press, degumming section, deacidification, decolorization section, deodorizing section. Copra moisture should be controlled between 7% -10%, or not conducive to copra oil extraction.
Automatic Coconut Paste Making Factory Processing Line Machinery

Sterilizing and Aseptic Filling

1. Coconut milk and coconut water can be sterilizied or pasteurized by a plate heat exchanger or, if food grade steam is available, by direct heating injection system completed by a tubular heat exchanger.
2. Coconut cream can be treated with the same process technology, with the only exception that the indirect heat treatment can be carried out only by a tubular heat exchanger.3. Finally, coconut milk is usually homogenized before being aseptically filled, in order to avoid the phase separation of water and fat during storage.Once sterilized the product can be filled in aseptic bag in drums or in box thanks to Aseptic Filling Machine.

Automatic Coconut Paste Making Factory Processing Line Machinery

Company Profile
Shanghai Chase Industrial Co., Ltd is founded in 2008, focus on food processing machinery.
We own more than 60 employees with rich industrial experience and advanced mechanical equipment, numbers of CE certifications and invention patents. We have complete service guarantee in equipment manufacturing and after-sale service of fruit and vegetable processing production machine, Diary processing lines, UHT pasteurizing lines and aseptic filling lines.

Automatic Coconut Paste Making Factory Processing Line Machinery
Our workshop covers an area of 8000 square meters, with full production space and equipment which meet the requirements of production flows. We have experienced mechanical engineers, electrical engineers and technicians. We design and produce all the important equipment and write PLC control programs by our own staff to ensure perfect after-sales maintenance. All the equipment is strictly inspected and tested in factory before delivery, to ensure smooth operation in customer’s site.

Automatic Coconut Paste Making Factory Processing Line Machinery
Automatic Coconut Paste Making Factory Processing Line Machinery


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