Product Details

Model NO. 6yl
Condition New
Customized Customized
Production Name Oil Press Machine
Press Type Cold & Hot Pressing Machine
Automatic Grade Automatic
Weight 140kg-1050kg
Material Stainless Steel304
Function Making Edible Oil
Warranty 12 Months
Power(W) 5.5-18.5kw
Capacity 40-600kg/H
Certification ISO,Ce
Transport Package Plywood
Specification 1000*750*1500mm(depend on model)
Production Capacity 10000

agricultural machinery avocado oil machine and pumpkin seed oil press machine in south africa

Agricultural Machinery Avocado Oil Machine and Pumpkin Seed Oil Press Machine

Main advantage of hydraulic oil press machine:

1. It is easy for people to learn, understand, and operate because of its small size. Besides, it is no special requirements for people to operate.
 2. It costs less various expenses with lower electricity consumption in use.
 3. The machine is a hydraulic machine with big pressure, high oil yielding rate and pure oil Quality.
 4. The machine adopt

Main application hydraulic oil press machine:

1. This machine is very suitable for family using and small scale oil factories. Which can press olive, sesame , cocoa beans, walnuts, almonds, and other high oil crops.
2. After pressed, the oil is very pure with good smell, can be edible for people directly. The oil can reach the healthy standard.

Capacity Power Electric machinery Packing size(mm) weight
AM0-50T hydraulic oil press machine 50kg/day manual manual 300*200*700mm 160kg
AM0-80T hydraulic oil press machine 50kg/day manual manual 300*200*700mm 180kg
AM0-100T hydraulic oil press machine 50kg/day manual manual 300*200*700mm 200kg
AME0-80T hydraulic oil press machine 50kg/day 1.5kw 220V/50HZ/Triple phase 500*200*700mm 190kg
AME0-100T hydraulic oil press machine 50kg/day 2kw 220V/50HZ/Triple phase 500*200*700mm 210kg
6YZ-150 hydraulic oil press machine 10kg/day 0.75kw 220V/50HZ/Triple phase 700*800*780mm 240kg
6YZ-180 hydraulic oil press machine 20kg/day 1.5kw 220V/50HZ/Triple phase 800*950*1050mm 550kg
6YZ-230 hydraulic oil press machine 40kg/day 1.5kw 220V/50HZ/Triple phase 900*1000*1400mm 950kg
6YZ-260 hydraulic oil press machine 50kg/h 1.5kw 220V/50HZ/Triple phase 1050*1100*1550mm 1200kg
6YZ-320 hydraulic oil press machine 50kg/day 2.2kw 220V/50HZ/Triple phase 1120*1200*1650mm 1700kg

Agricultural Machinery Avocado Oil Machine and Pumpkin Seed Oil Press Machine

Packing & Delivery

Agricultural Machinery Avocado Oil Machine and Pumpkin Seed Oil Press Machine

Our factory
Wuhan KINETIC is a Professional and modern grain and oil machinery engineering equipment manufacturer integrating research, manufacturing and installation. We have obtained rich experience and practice in palm fruit oil machine, vegetable oil pretreatment, prepress,extraction, sophisticated technology and equipment designs etc, owing wide international market in more than 130 countries and regions.
With more than 30 years of experience on oil making machine, we provide a comprehensive range of products 
We are proud to guarantee that, with our strong technical background and communication capability, our sales/support engineers are able to answer your most complicated technical questions over the phone in English. That would save a lot of time for communication.
The following pictures show our factory and customers in our workshop.

Agricultural Machinery Avocado Oil Machine and Pumpkin Seed Oil Press Machine
Agricultural Machinery Avocado Oil Machine and Pumpkin Seed Oil Press Machine
Agricultural Machinery Avocado Oil Machine and Pumpkin Seed Oil Press Machine

1.What’s the warranty of the machine?
12 months free guarantee and life long standard paid service.
2.What is the raw material of your machinery?
Stainless steel or carbon steel.
3.When can I get the price?
Within 24 hours, if urgent ,please contact us directly.
4.How to ask the quotation?
Please inform us your oilseeds and your target capacity per day,then we will send our advices with equipment list to you at once.
5.Can we ask the oil press for different types of oil ?
Yes you can! But we recommend no more than 3 kinds of oils.
6.How large land to build the oil plant?
The land area required usually depends on the capacity of your plant. We can calculate the area needed and give you the plant designs.
7.How long will it take to get my products?
Generally, it depends on your capacity. If you just need single machine, it just needs 7-15 days. If you need the complete production line, we should negotiate the time.
8.Do you install the production line and train our stuffs for free?
Yes we do. We’ll send professional installation engineers to help you install the equipment and train your workers freely.  

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