Product Details

Model NO. 30 TPD
Condition New
Customized Customized
Raw Material Soybean
Capacity 30 Tons/Day
Warranty Period 12 Months
Installation for Free
Installation Overseas Available
Installation Period According to Capacity
Plant Layoput Draw Provided
Running Factory Visiting Avialable
Processing Plant Pre-Treatment & Pressing Plant
Section Extraction Plant
Transport Package Wodden/Nude
Specification CE, ISO-9000
HS Code 84792000
Production Capacity 30 Sets/Year

30 tpd soybean oil production mill of oil extraction machine in tanzania

                             Soybean Oil Production Line Machinery Made by Henan Huatai
The complete oil making system is for oil pressing, oil extraction and oil refinery from various oil seeds such as cottonseed, rapeseed, high-oil sunflower seed, peanut kernel, soybean, etc.
Before prepressing, you have to pretreat oilseed by cleaning, screening separation, washing, hulling, softening, flaking, cooking etc.
After pretreatment and prepressing, you can get crude oil and cake. Then crude edible oil go to refinery workshop, cake go to extraction workshop( extracting oil by solvent), after this we will get crude oil. Then by refinery process you will get edible oil(grade depend on you )
2. Features:
Compared with single pressing, the process of prepressing-leaching has the following advantages.
(1). High quality crude oil
The pressure for prepressing is lower than single pressing therefore the former can get light color crude oil which is good for refining into high quality edible oil.
(2). Simple operation
Prepressing has less requirement to oilseed pretreatment. Thicker flakes and shorter cooking time increase the handling capacity.
(3). Good for solvent extraction
High moisture prepressing cakes contribute to solvent penetration and improve extraction speed and lower the residual oil in dry meal thus good for desolventizing drying and reducing solvent loss.
(4). Long service life of machine spare parts
For prepressing, the pressure in barrel is small, so the vulnerable parts won’t easily damage. Usage life can be prolonged.
(5). Lowering steam consumption
Prepressing needs low temperature and high moisture which accordingly lower the steam consumption during cooking. Therefore, prepressing-leaching has more advantages over single pressing, which can effectively improve the crude oil and meal quality thus enhance oil’s quality;
Soybean Crude Oil Refinery Plant:
During the warranty period, the damages due to the equipment itself, we will free maintain and change accessories. The damages caused by the client, we just take the materials cost to maintain and change. We warmly welcome you come to visit our factory and please contact us as soon as possible!
Contact Person: Miss Echo
Mobile: 86-18039336562

Raw Material Oil Production Ability(T/D)
Peanut 3 10 20 50 100 200 300
Rapeseed 4 10 30 70 200 300 400
Soybean 3 7 50 80 300 400 500
Corn germ 5 20 25 90 300 400 500
Cottonseed 5 6 80 300 400 500 600
Coconut 3 8 50 100 200 300 500
Hazelse 4 80 60 70 200 300 400
Bran rice 20 50 80 90 300 400 500
Palm 15 30 80 300 350 400 500
Sunflower 20 70 25 90 300 400 500

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30 Tpd Soybean Oil Production Mill of Oil Extraction Machine

30 Tpd Soybean Oil Production Mill of Oil Extraction Machine

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