Product Details

Model NO. PSP-2A
Feed Cylinder Structure Single-Room Feeding
Dosing Device Plunger
Filling Principle Pressure
Packaging Container Lifting Structure Pneumatic Lifting
Structure Linear
Packaging Bottle
Packaging Material Plastic
Model No. PSP-a
Voltage Customized
Keywords Oil Filling Machine
Bottle Shape Round / Square
Capacity 1000-5500bph
Bottle Type Plastic / Meatl / Glass
Certification CE ISO SGS
Filling Material Oil
Filling Volume 100ml-1L /1-5L /5-30L/ 208L
Cap Type Screw Cap / Pressing Cap
Filling Heads 4-32 Filling Nozzles
Transport Package Wooden Packaging
Specification Pcs
HS Code 8422301090
Production Capacity 100 Units/Year

208l drum lubricant engine edible oil filling capping machine price in tanzania

Product Description

208L Drum Lubricant Engine Edible Oil Filling Capping Machine Price
"Lubricanting Oil Filling Production Line From A-Z" Turn-key Solution

The lubricant oil filling production line produced by Planet Machinery is suitable for filling high viscosity materials (such as lubricating oil, engine oil, gear oil, etc.) . The lubricating oil filling machine can be matched with the capping machine, labeling machine, and film packaging machine to form a complete lubricating oil production line.


208L Drum Lubricant Engine Edible Oil Filling Capping Machine Price



Blowing Unit

208L Drum Lubricant Engine Edible Oil Filling Capping Machine Price
1. PLC plus man-machine interface, touch operation. Self-diagnosis of fault alarm is clear at a glance.
2. The center-feeding die head completely eliminates the product confluence line, and it is convenient and quick to change the material and color.
3. The moving mold adopts double linear guide rails and center clamping. The force is evenly applied to ensure a smooth cut of the product. 4. The hydraulic system adopts proportional hydraulic control and is equipped with imported hydraulic components, which is accurate, stable and energy-saving.
5. The high-speed, high-efficiency, low-energy plasticizing system of the automatic blow molding machine, with excellent mixing uniformity, to ensure the purity of the product.


Liner Piston Filling Machine

208L Drum Lubricant Engine Edible Oil Filling Capping Machine Price

NO. NAME  TYPE  Rated capacity500ml
1 Servo piston linear machine PSP-4A 1000bph
2 Servo piston linear machine PSP-6A 1500bph
3 Servo piston linear machine PSP-8A 2000bph
4 Servo piston linear machine PSP-10A 2500bph
5 Servo piston linear machine PSP-12A 3000bph
6 Servo piston linear machine PSP-16A 4000bph
7 Servo piston linear machine PSP-20A 5000bph
8 Servo piston linear machine PSP-24A 5500bph

Full automatic blow molding machine is suitable for producing PET plastic containers and bottles in all shapes. It is widely used to produce the carbonated bottle, mineral water, pesticide bottle oil bottle cosmetics, wide-mouth bottle and hot fill bottle etc. It is necessary for the water filling production line, 330ml-1L water filling machine line.

Automatic Arm Type Cap Tightening Machine
208L Drum Lubricant Engine Edible Oil Filling Capping Machine Price

  1. This machine can finish a series of operations such as bottle-feeding cap-feeding ,cap-unscrambling and bottle-out .
  2. We adopt international advanced modular design concept ,including molds cap-sending , cap-grasping by positioning servo-controlled torque .
  3. Non-injury of bottle and caps , high efficiency . No caps , no operating . At the same time , this machine can remove the damaged bottles and non-foiling bottles .
  4. It uses advance control technology,touch screen , programmable controllers , servo motor combination , product upgrade quickly . About conditioning , just input the arming angle in the touch screen . Then through the screw lifting mechanism to lift the whole place to complete the specifications .
  5. It greatly improves production efficiency and friendlier human-machine combination
  6. Surfaces were polished, beautiful; This machine step-less adjustable conducive equipped production lines, is the ideal choice for large, medium and small packing plant.

Technological parameters

1.The main dimensions (length × width × height): 2000mm × 1400mm × 2600mm
2.Weight: 600kg
2.Suitable container Specifications: Height: 50mm ~ 450mm; diameter: ¢ 30mm ~ ¢ 500mm; various parties bottles and bottles without rules
2.Lid height: 10mm ~ 50mm; diameter: ¢ 20mm ~ ¢ 80mm
2.Power:AC   220V/50HZ
2.Total Power:3KW
2.Need to prepare the gas source: 0.6MPa clean air
2.Capacity:40~45 BPH 

 Labelling Unit208L Drum Lubricant Engine Edible Oil Filling Capping Machine Price

Automatic adhesive labeling machine (Two side)
This machine is suitable for side labeling, especially on the cylindrical, flat, square, rectangular and elliptical bottles you can reference following pic 1and 2. The machine is economical and easy to operate. The performance is stable with a level off. The system easy changeover based the requirement.

  1. Labeling speed up to 80 bottle/min ( according to the length of label )
  2. PLC Control System which is easy to control
  3. Simple Straight Forward Operator Controls
  4. On-Screen trouble description which is easy to solve
  5. Stainless Frame
  6. Open Frame design, easy to adjust and change the label
  7. Variable Speed with stepless motor
  8. Label Count Down (for precise run of set number of labels) to Auto Shut Off
  9. Stamping Coding Device attached


   Labeling Speed:  80 BPM- 330 ML/60 BPM – 1000 ML

  1. Bottles size :     customized based on the requirements
  2. Label  size:      customized based on the requirements
  3. Dimensions:    2400mm×1350mm×1500 mm  ( Length × Width × Height )
  4. Weight:          500kg
  5. Electrical Requirements:Power:500W, Voltage: 220V, Frequency: 50-60HZ(Optional)
  6. Working direction: Left → Right (or Right → Left)


Automatic bottle feeding, automatic filling, automatic send bottle out.

  1. The lubricant oil filling machine is driven by a servo motor, double screw drive, control the movement of the piston rod to ensure the stability of the filling, filling precision higher.

  2. The external surface of this lubricant oil filling equipment is made of excellent stainless steel.

  3. Good appearance , applied to GMP standard.

  4. The filling accuracy is as high as ±0.5%, so you don’t have to worry about filling accuracy.

  5. The filling head is equipped with an anti-drip device, so that the filling process does not drip, wire, and pollute the bottle mouth.

  6. According to the needs of users and the characteristics of the products, we can make a suitable lubricant oil filling equipment for you.

    Customer value and advantage:

    Complete solution

    In Planet Machinery you can find complete solution for your ideal liquid packaging production, not only various packaging machinery but also production line building advisory service.

    Rich industry experience

    Our experienced engineers support you with bottle design, line speed selection, line setting up, installation and commissioning, onsite training, and after-sales service.

    Affordable price

    We know it’s not easy to open a new business, so we try our best to provide quality products and services at a cost-effective price.

    Fast delivery and installation

    We design our machine and line in a simple and reliable way so that it’s easy to install and save time on production. Usually, machine production time can be up to 30days and production line up to 60days.

Company Profile

208L Drum Lubricant Engine Edible Oil Filling Capping Machine Price


208L Drum Lubricant Engine Edible Oil Filling Capping Machine Price


208L Drum Lubricant Engine Edible Oil Filling Capping Machine Price


208L Drum Lubricant Engine Edible Oil Filling Capping Machine Price


208L Drum Lubricant Engine Edible Oil Filling Capping Machine Price




Q: How to solve the machine problems before they transport to customer’s factory?A: We will make 100% test in factory before we do the package, to make sure there is no big problems, also we have people to check all goods without any Omission.Q: Because of the epidemic, how you will arrange the after-sales service?A: We still have to send our engineer to help you install lines, and make sure your project can be finished in time.We also can have a video call to help you on daily maintenance.We send spares parts within 24 hours.We can have zoom meeting or video call to discuss the project, so we will have close relationship with our clients.
 Q: Finance and transportation.
A: We accept flexible payment terms, like T/T, L/C etc. If you face some difficult on finance, we are glad to help you.
We have cooperated freight company who have rich experience in sea shipping, to make sure you can get high quality shipping service with good price.  

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