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Model NO. ZYD-I
Specification ZYD-100
HS Code 84212990
Production Capacity 100

2019 new design high quality transformer oil purifier in tanzania

2019 New Design High Quality Transformer Oil Purifier
2019 New Design High Quality Transformer Oil Purifier
 Series ZYD Double-Stage Vacuum Transformer Oil Purification Systems is used for transformer oil dehydration and transformer oil degasification as well as other electrical insulating liquids such as silicone fluids with modern technique.  The ZYD Process is able to increase and maintain the oil’s dielectric strength and includes the removal of free and soluble water, free and dissolved air and gases and other particulate matter.  The standard ZYD system is designed for processing oils in workshops, in storage tanks or directly in transformers (energized or de-energized transformers). Series ZYD oil purifier can be used as an independent vacuum source with functions of vacuum drying and vacuum oiling.
Regular servicing of transformers with our equipment can substantially improve their lifetime and performance and on top helps to save money.

2019 New Design High Quality Transformer Oil Purifier

The new line of . oil treatment plants Type ZYD", with variable flow capacity, is designed for most economical conditioning and drying of insulating oils. The plants are designed for the following applications:
1. The plant is delivered ready for operation.
2. Degassing, dehydration and filtering  process if various kind of insulation oils in electrical transformers and circuit breakers through put in one or several passes
 3. There are two vacuum pumps for plant ZYD (one is the vacuum pump, other one is the booster roots pump), which can improve the vacuum value highly. Making sure the water-content of the treated oil is less than 3 PPM.

4. All oil treatment plants, type ZYD are equipped with an automatic Anti-Foam Control System. 

5. The plant is equipped with built-in control and safety devices, which provides for a maximum operating security.

6.  Minimised power consumption through optimised degassing (excellent efficiency factor).

7. Standardized filter housing for 1/5 micron, 20 micron and 80 micron filter cartridges.

8. Automatic supervision of the degree of contamination of the fine filter cartridges

9. ZYD can evacuate the vacuum for the electric equipment separately, such as the transformer. Also it can be used to dry the electric equipment and input the oil into the electric equipment under the vacuum state.

10. The machine adopts the double-infrared liquid automatic controller, pressure automatic-protector which can make sure the machine works online for 150 hours continuously without person. So it is a reliable and high automatically machine.

11. Adopt interlocked protective system, which connect oil pump, heater and liquid level sensor, avoiding blank heating, blank pumping, oil leak and electricity leak. If there is any fault, machine will be power off automatically.

12. Functions of live line work on-site, vacuum drying and vacuum oiling.

13. Operational can be P.L.C (Programmable Logic Controller). (optional)

14. On-line water content measuring device (optional)

15. Regeneration system BZ with special brand of earth can remove acidity, sludge, other soluble oil decay products and discoloration (optional)·

Expectations on an effective oil plant for treatment of insulating oil:
· Low moisture content at plant outlet.
· Low gas/air content at plant outlet.
· Elimination of residual gas from the insulation.
· Drying of transformer insulation.
· Easy and failsafe operation.
· On-line measuring and recording of process parameters.
· Flexibility in application (various oil types and oil volumes)

Table 1 Vacuum Oil Purifier Technology Standard

Parameters Unit ZYD-30 ZYD-50 ZYD-100 ZYD-150 ZYD-200 ZYD-250 ZYD-300
Flow Rate L/H 1800 3000 6000 9000 12000 15000 18000
Working vacuum MPa -0.08 ~ -0.099
Working Pressure MPa ≤0.3
Temperature Range ºC 20 ~ 80
Power   Three Phase 50Hz,380V (or as needed)
Working Noise dB(A) 70 70 70 75 75 75 75
Heating Power kW 28 30 45 60 75 90 120
Total Power kW 35.5 37.5 52.5 71.4 86.5 102.5 135
Inlet/Outlet   mm φ25 φ32 φ42 φ50 φ50 φ60 φ60
Weight Kg 600 800 1050 1400 1800 2000 2200
Overall L mm 1600 1700 1900 2000 2200 2300 2400
W mm 900 1000 1000 1100 1200 1200 1300
H mm 1700 1800 2000 2100 2300 2500 2600

Table2  ZYD Oil Purifier after Treated Guarantee Value

Item Unit After treatment
Breakdown Voltage kV ≥75
Moisture content PPM ≤3
Gas content % ≤0.01
Impurity size micron ≤1 (no free carbon)

Transformer Oil Purifier Machine (Double Stage Vacuum)
ZYD Double Stage Vacuum Insulating Oil Purification Machine
ZYD-A PLC Fully Automatic Transformer Oil Filtration Machine
ZYD-M Outdoor Mobile Transformer Oil Purification Plant
ZYD-W Fully Enclosed Insulating Oil Purifier Machine
ZYD-S Trailer Open Type Transformer Oil Cleaning Machine
ZYD-Ex Explosion-Proof Vacuum Transformer Oil Purifier

Portable Insulating Oil Treatment Machine (Single Stage Vacuum)
ZY Portable Insulating Oil Purifier
ZY-A PLC Fully Automatic Transformer Oil Purifier
ZY-M Outdoor Mobile Dielectric Oil Cleaning System 
ZY-W Fully Enclosed Dielectric Oil Purification Machine 
ZY-S Trailer Open Type Transformer Oil Filtration Machine
ZY-Ex Explosion-Proof Transformer Oil Filtering Machine

Transformer Oil Regeneration Plant (Double Stage Vacuum)
ZYD-I Transformer Oil Regeneration Machine
ZYD-I-A PLC Fully Automatic Transformer Oil Reclaiming Machine
ZYD-I-M Outdoor Mobile Transformer Oil Reconditioning Machine
ZYD-I-W Fully Enclosed Transformer Oil Recycling Machine
ZYD-I-S Trailer Open Type Transformer Oil Regeneration System
ZYD-I-Ex Explosion-Proof Insulating Oil Recycling Unit

Insulating Oil Testers

  1. Fully Automatic Insulating Oil Dielectric Strength Tester IIJ-II
  2. Fully Automatic Insulating Oil Dielectric Strength Tester DYT
  3. Fully Automatic Insulating Oil Dielectric Strength Tester DYT-2
  4. Three Cups Insulating Oil Dielectric Strength Tester IIJ-III
  5. Six Cups Insulating Oil Dielectric Strength Tester IJJ-VI
  6. Insulating Oil Dielectric Strength Tester IIJ-603
  7. Insulating Oil Tan Delta ( Dielectric Loss) Tester DLT0812
  8. Insulating Oil Dielectric Loss And Resistivity Tester TP-6100A
  9. Fully Automatic Water-Soluble Acid Value Tester PH-C
  10. Fully Automatic Surface/Interface Tension Tester IT-800
  11. Fully Automatic Oil Acidity Tester (6 cups) ACD-3000I
  12. Insulating Oil Gassing Property Tester DPT-20
  13. Insulating Oil Oxidation Stability Tester TP622
  14. Multifunctional Shaker SD-01
  15. Insulating Oil Water Content Tester TP-2100
  16. Online Insulating Oil Water Content Tester TPEE
  17. Transformer Oil Dissolved Gas Chromatograph GC-2010MD

2019 New Design High Quality Transformer Oil Purifier
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